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Raquel Leviss Has “Gone On A Few Dates” With Peter Madrigal

More to the story? After newly single Raquel Leviss revealed that she had gone on a date with fellow Vanderpump Rules costar Peter Madrigal, fans assumed it was just the one. Perhaps it was Raquel’s newfound sense of freedom and opportunity that her accepting the bar tender’s invitation and dating within her friend group. But heck, maybe these two really like each other’s company.

Certainly, Peter has a habit of dating Vanderpump Rules costars. Stassi Schroeder went out with Peter back in the day, as well as Katie Maloney. So why not take the opportunity to take the pageant queen out after she split with former fiance James Kennedy?

Raquel previously said that her first date post-breakup was with Peter. Now, she revealed to Us Weekly that the pair “have gone on a few dates.” “He asked me out after my breakup, obviously, and I was like, ‘Well why not? Right? I’m a yes-man now,” Raquel joked.

Us Weekly caught up with the reality TV star at the Schwartz & Sandy’s opening party in Los Angeles on July 19th, hosted by Dailymail.com and TMX, when Raquel revealed that she and Peter are casually dating. “I think it was more so just saying yes to him asking me out and just trying that whole thing out,” she explained.

Raquel went on to define the parameters of their encounters. Raquel explained that despite multiple dates with Peter, she doesn’t “want a relationship,” adding “I don’t want anything serious. I’m just a single girl in L.A. doing my thing.”

After dealing with a public breakup ahead of Vanderpump Rules Season 9 renion, it’s understandable that Raquel is treading with caution. At the time she and James split, both parties issued the following statement, “After these 5 wonderful years we had together, we decided we have two different goals and made the decision to call off the engagement,” the former couple wrote in a joint statement in November 2021. “We love each other very much, but we aren’t in love anymore. We want nothing but the best for each other so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending Love.”

James quickly moved on with Ally Lewber, who may appear on Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. To her credit, Raquel has spoken highly of James’ new lady. She even teased a conversation that she and Ally have on the upcoming season, that is currently in production.

Raquel revealed, “She’s very sweet. I actually really like her. I see a lot of me in her. I didn’t give her, like, straight-up advice [about James]. I let her know how I felt in that relationship. There’s a lot of things that she loves about James, that I loved about him too, like how funny he is, how charismatic, how passionate and hardworking he is. I feel like she’s learning a lot from him and a lot from that relationship and I did too. So I’m wishing them the best.”

As for what to expect next, Raquel promises a season of personal growth and healing. “For me, it’s a completely new season. It’s a new life because I’m doing my own thing,” she said. “I have my independence. I’m really trying to accept all of who I am and continue to grow. But I feel like I’ve learned things from previous seasons that I’ve been able to take with me this season. And I feel like I’m radiating more confidence now.”

It will be interesting to speculate on the future of Raquel’s dating life. Since breaking up with James, she’s also been linked to costar Tom Schwartz as well as Shahs of Sunset’s Nema Vand.


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