Reality TV Listings - Dance Moms finale

Abby Lee Miller Wants To Join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dance Moms is one underrated reality show. Let me be the first to tell you, this cast brought drama to every episode, a little bit of humor, and always kept us on the edges of our seats. If you ask me, that makes for the best kind of show. At the center of it all, Abby Lee Miller, the outrageous dance coach who argued with mothers and made little girls cry always spoke her mind. And you learned quickly that when you dance at her studio, she calls the shots.

I’m almost certain we won’t see the original cast of Dance Moms together again for a long while, if ever, but that’s not stopping Abby Lee from getting her camera time. Page Six reports that on her YouTube channel, Abby posted a video titled “Joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Obviously, being an avid Housewives fan I knew this wasn’t true, but when I first saw the video title upon its release, I clicked it so quick. After the first couple of minutes of pitching herself to Bravo boss Andy Cohen, she reminds her viewers about her infamous “pyramid”.

For those who don’t know, when Dance Moms was airing, Abby used to start every new week off with what she called, the “pyramid”. On it, she would start from the bottom and work her way to the top. Also signifying who danced the worst to who danced the best at their last competition. Many thought this was cruel to do to 6 or 7-year-old children. I probably did too, but the viewer in me now would love nothing more than to see the OG cast back together. Sparks would fly!

As she finishes explaining how her notorious pyramid, she starts to rank the stars of RHOBH. She starts at the bottom with Dorit Kemsley, who she also called “Dorito”. “There is nothing, nothing exciting about you. BORING,” she says. Ope. That’s not shade, that’s straight facts. Dorit, you are kind of boring. And you’ve faded into the background to me. I also think your refusal to defend Garcelle Beauvais amongst this group of ladies when they wrong her but your almost immediate call-out when she laughs with Kathy Hilton at a joke many of your friends were also laughing at regarding the charity you’re a part of is also very telling.

Abby continues on the bottom row adding newbie but also very boring Diana Jenkins followed by Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kathy, and Erika Jayne. Moving up a row she adds Sutton Stracke, Sheree Zampinoand Lisa Rinna. Hmm, I maybe would’ve added Lisa in the bottom row with her besties so she had some company. Moving up another row is shared by OG Kyle Richards and Garcelle. Fair placements I think for both of these two. Kyle, in my opinion, has gotten away with a lot now that she’s the last one standing of the original cast. The other ladies respect that and so do I, but it also has to be fair. That’s why I love that Garcelle is never willing to back down. I don’t think Kyle has been used to that for a little while now. Keep that, Garcelle. We viewers love it!

Finally, on the top of the pyramid, Abby places herself, boasting that she is the newest diamond holder. I don’t know if I see Abby being a full-time Housewife in this group, but I can admit that she is great TV. Maybe we’ll see her on something Bravo related one day.


[Photo Credit: Tasia Wells/Getty Images for Rock Your Hair]