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Bethenny Frankel Slams Meghan Markle As A “Terrible Business Person”

Bethenny Frankel has always been very opinionated and has never shied away from her candid thoughts. It’s why she has a popular podcast. But ever since she joined TikTok, the opinions are really flowing! And the former Real Housewives of New York star clearly drank some haterade for her latest rant.

As reported by Page Six, Bethenny made a now viral TikTok to criticize Meghan Markle. The video has garnered over 61k likes and has approximately 5,200 comments. It seems like anytime someone mentions Meghan, there are plenty of comments to go around. And that was certainly the case here.

Bethenny started by slamming Meghan an her business acumen. Said Bethenny, “She is a terrible, terrible businessperson, strategist — she’s playing checkers, not chess — because she is overplaying her hand, and she is painting herself into a corner, becoming a woman without a country.” She added that while Meghan was able to get out of a “terrible situation” in the UK, she’s “f–king it up.”

She then revealed, “I remember talking about this before the Oprah interview and getting death threats and losing major deals and having many A-list people text me saying that they agree with me secretly. but then friends of hers text me, ‘Please take down what you said.’”

But Bethenny did throw Meghan a bone and said that despite being a “polarizing person,” Meghan has stood by her “personal choice” to be “terrified not to talk.”

In March of 2021, Meghan and Prince Harry’s candid sit down interview with Oprah aired. Hours before, Bethenny tweeted about it, calling Meghan a “fairly unknown actress.” She went on to gripe of the Duchess, “Cry me a river. The plight of being a game show host, fairly unknown actress, to suffering in a palace, w tiaras & 7 figure weddings for TWO WHOLE YEARS to being a household name w @Oprah on speed dial, fetching 7 m for interviews, hundreds of millions in media deals.”


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The replies to Bethenny’s statement were mixed. Some supported Bethenny’s assessment of Meghan. While others, including Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause, strongly disagreed. Chrishell tweeted, “Not a white housewife comparing her struggle to Meghan’s. A woman of color joining the Royal Family. It’s the delusion for me. Everyone is working overtime trying to silence her. Let us hear what she has to say!”


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One of my favorite Bravo Twitter accounts, Unfriendly Black Hottie, used a gif to convey her sentiments. She posted a gif of Sutton Stracke saying, “Maybe one day you can learn not to say stuff.”


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