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Paris Hilton Slams Kyle Richards For “Unkind” Behavior Toward Kathy Hilton On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Although Paris Hilton is not a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, she’s getting in on the action and not holding back.

After watching Kyle Richards for years on the show stir the pot and hide her hand, it looks like the protection has come to an end. Kyle has not been favored among fans this year… at all. She was really under fire this year after laughing with her husband and Dorit and PK Kemsley about Erika Jayne cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old-son. She also caught a lot of heat for the way she treated Sutton Stracke during Garcelle’s birthday party and the way she continues to treat her on the show.

However, Kyle’s newest victim is none other than her sister herself — Kathy Hilton. Kathy, who has been a friend of the show for 2 seasons now, brings a light, calm, and refreshing energy to this group. She’s full of laughs, smiles, funny one-liners, and of course — she’s RICH honey. The drama in the first season and even the first half of her second seemed to escape her, but in the preview for next week’s episode, things seem to finally tip over.

In a previous episode of the show, Kathy explained to the group how she and her family, including her daughter Paris, have all invested in a new Tequila line and she wanted the ladies to try a few of the drinks to gather their opinions. You know, pretty typical in the Housewives arena. However, some of the ladies in this group, yes I’m looking at you Lisa Rinna, seemed to have a major problem with Kathy’s promotion. It’s not like they haven’t promoted their businesses on the show either, right?

As Kathy is trying to explain and get the girls’ attention, they are totally ignoring her. Just being flat-out mean. It’s funny to me how Lisa, Kyle, and Erika could say at the beginning of last night’s episode that Garcelle and Sutton are classic high-school mean girls when in reality, it’s them. Maybe look in the mirror, Kyle? Anyway, after several moments of trying to reel them in, Kathy gives up. Clearly upset by this, Paris took to Twitter to defend her mother and take a few shots at her aunt in the process. One fan tweeted about how excited Kathy was to show the ladies her product and Kyle just scoffed at her, to which Paris replied, “So unkind.”


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It was unkind, Paris. In fact, it was actually a little sad to watch. However, I don’t expect Kyle to show loyalty to her sisters… especially not on this show — so her behavior was not a surprise. But calling Kyle unkind was not the only opinion Paris wanted to share. She could be seen liking other tweets defending her mother as well. One said, “Kyle was so clearly trying to sabotage Kathy’s tequila scene. The show has served as a decade-long advertisement for The Agency, but God forbid Kathy takes a moment to promote her daughter’s business. What a shitty sister.”


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Oof. The Hilton’s have a lot to say — and they’re gonna say it. In the preview for next week’s episode, we see the ladies at a bar and Lisa asking the bartender to give her a shot of a tequila line by Kendall Jenner. Clearly rubbing Kathy the wrong way, we start to see the unfolding of Kathy vs the Fox Force Five. Clear them all, Kathy — I’m rooting for you.


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