Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Shares New Instagram Post Slamming Lisa Rinna As A “Fake B–h” That Comes After Popular Cast Members Like Denise Richards And Lisa Vanderpump

Let me first start off by saying this, Lisa Rinna I’m sick of you. The entire Bravo fandom has been waiting and waiting for the Kathy Hilton/Aspen drama to finally air on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the big kicker was that she broke a pair of sunglasses and said she’d take down her sister Kyle Richards. Seriously?

Lisa is undoubtedly the villain of RHOBH. She knows that and she owns it. And for that, I appreciate. But if you’re going to be the villain, do it right, sis! Come with ACTUAL receipts… come with actual facts. Oh, and stop hyping up one moment to be the biggest scandal of the entire season only for it to be subpar at best.

I’m sure there’s a little more to this Kathy and Aspen story that we haven’t seen yet. We know the reunion was taped recently and Andy Cohen confirmed that every lady had a bomb to drop… so we should be in for a pretty intense conclusion to the season, but at this point — I feel duped by the Beverly Hills cast year after year.

Kathy, who has only appeared on the show for 2 seasons has been loved by fans since her first appearance. She’s light-hearted, funny, and she’s rich. All the things I live for. Her first season didn’t feature her being involved in any of the drama among the ladies and rightfully so. I think she was added to the cast more as a filler, just a familiar face, and a way for Kyle to have another connection on the show.

But we all know by this point that Lisa can’t stand someone who is more popular than she is and who’s not aligned with her. She goes on smear campaigns, she tries to drag individuals left and right, and she circulates a tired storyline episode after episode in hopes it will stick. Hello, Sutton Stracke — does this sound familiar to you?

Well, Kathy has peeped that too, and she’s voicing her opinions. Finally. She reposted a fan’s Instagram story to her own recently that read, “Lisa Rinna give it up. We’ve seen this same fake act after Lisa Vanderpump, Denise Richards, and now it’s Kathy Hilton. Anyone that gets too popular gets in her sights. Fake bitch.”

Woahhhh. Kathy, I’m here for it. Lisa needs someone to challenge her the right way. You may be the person for the job and everyone is living for it. Whew, I am looking forward to this reunion and it better be good.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]