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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Episode 19 Recap: The Aspen Of It All

I am thrilled to be recapping Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and breaking down all the delectable drama. During last week’s episode, after going to a private club, Lisa Rinna took Kathy Hilton back to Kyle Richards’ Aspen house in a sprinter van. Rinna texted Erika Jayne the action from the van and Kyle’s house.

During part of the text exchange, Rinna wrote that Kathy was “angry, screaming, throwing things, crying. I’m locked in my room,” Rinna stated. Then Kathy’s text to Rinna flashed on the screen. “Silence is golden. I am staying silent.” Yikes!

Escape From Aspen

The action kicks off the next morning. Everyone is preparing to fly home, but Kathy won’t leave her room. She texted Kyle that she isn’t flying home with the group. Kyle knows that there will be blowback from this incident, and she is preparing to withstand the worst of it. Everyone seems to know about what happened at the club and afterward.

Kathy Has A Meltdown

Slowly, the puzzle pieces come together. Crystal Kung Minkoff didn’t see anything happen, while Erika claimed that everyone witnessed Kathy’s anger. Sutton Stracke recalled Kathy trying to get everyone to be part of a conga line. It was a hard pass from her RHOBH co-stars, which seemed to enrage Kathy. Diana Jenkins said that she came out of the bathroom and saw Kathy “raging” and screaming at Kyle.

Kyle explained that Kathy came over and told her that she was angry and demanded that Kyle leave with her. After Kyle refused, Rinna took Kathy home. And she immediately regretted it. In the van, Rinna claimed that Kathy said, “I’m going to take down NBC, Bravo…I will take down this show singlehandedly. I will f*cking ruin you all.”

At Kyle’s house, Rinna was alone with Kathy. And things weren’t Hunky Dory. According to Rinna, Kathy threw her glasses on the floor, jumped up and down on them, and banged on walls. Rinna claimed that Kathy said that “she made Kyle.” Then Kathy allegedly stated, “I will destroy Kyle and her family if it is the last thing I ever do.”

Just Like Lucy And Ethel

Erika and Dorit Kemsley went to a chocolate shop to make a gift for Crystal for her Roaring 1920’s birthday soiree. The owner called them Lucy and Ethel, which delighted the ladies. But that will no doubt make Kyle more insecure about her friendship with Dorit.

Dorit and Erika discuss how Garcelle Beauvais went after Erika on her talk show The Real. Garcelle remarked that Erika should return the earrings to help the victims. Erika is “devastated” that Garcelle didn’t tell her about taping the show while they were in Aspen.

Dorit tells Erika that Kyle implied that if Dorit was friends with Erika, she was somehow supporting the crimes against the victims. Erika went off in her confessional. “And let me be very clear. Sometimes those ones that are really, you know, doing the best, are hiding the most,” she stated. Erika refuses to be “the whipping boy” for her RHOBH co-stars. Period.

Welcomes Back To The Roaring 1920’s

Everything looks amazing at Crystal’s house (as usual.) Rinna feels like she has “PTSD” after enduring Kathy’s fury. So, when Kathy shows up like nothing happened, Rinna is thrown off. She remarks that her co-stars wouldn’t be pleased if they knew what Kathy said about them. Do tell, Rinna!

Rinna does her best to avoid Kathy and tells Crystal privately that she needs to leave because she is still shaken by Kathy’s behavior. The RHOBH ladies are shocked that Rinna left without saying goodbye. Crystal tells the group that she was still upset about Aspen.

Kathy acted cool in her confessional. She thinks that Rinna left because of her grief over losing her mother. “I don’t think she left because of what I shared with her in Aspen. I by no means got any indication that she was upset,” she stated. “But if I was the toe that broke the camel’s back, I apologize. I don’t want to upset anyone.” Sure, Kathy.

The Apology Tour

Erika and Sutton are starting to gel. Erika apologized for her angry outbursts on the plane ride home from Aspen. Sutton was shocked but is cautiously optimistic. They further bond at Crystal’s party, when Erika confesses that she drove to her former home with estranged husband Tom Girardi and looked at it from the street. She knows that she has to let her past go, and all the criticism that she is currently experiencing.

Erika also tells Garcelle that she wished that Garcelle would have given her a heads up about discussing her on TV. Garcelle apologizes.

Erika Has Nothing To Lose, But Kathy Does

Erika tells Diana that if the group is going to slam Erika for not being compassionate towards the victims, then other people also need to be held accountable for their behavior. She wants Kathy to admit to her behavior, apologize, and move along. Erika told Dorit that she thinks Rinna left because of what she experienced when she was alone with a fired-up Kathy. Dorit is worried that Kyle will suffer if the truth comes out.


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