Alexis Bellino

The Most Memorable Tamra Judge And Alexis Bellino Moments

You know, we’re about to go back to the Golden Age of Television. It’s an exciting time and I think it might be okay to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and actually look forward to something.

The collective Real Housewives viewing audience took a punch this year with the super-dramatic stylings of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Film Noir You Didn’t Ask For. Fans need a palate cleanser after what we have been put through and we just might get the best gift of all. A return to Real Housewives of Orange County greatness with Jesus Jugs Alexis Bellino and Tamra “DID YOU GO TO BASS LAKE” Judge. Tammy Sue is coming back and Alexis may pop in ahead of RHOC Season 17, so let’s celebrate with some memorable moments from the past. Someone might want to check on Vicki Gunvalson.

Tamra Kicks Alexis Out of Her Gym Party

Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty, shall we? Tamra was feeling great about her new business opportunity with Eddie Judge called CUT Fitness. Naturally she wanted to celebrate and share her happiness with her co-stars. For reasons no one will ever understand, other than just to be annoying, Tamra’s BFF Vicki brought her nemesis Alexis as a guest to the party. With me so far? There’s a lot of silly arguing because that’s what these women do when you sit them down at a dinner table. At some point Alexis alluded to the fact that she might think Tammy Sue is a big ‘ol bully and Tammy Sue lost her shit. Tamra screamed at Alexis to “get the fuck out”, much to the shock of the other guests. After Alexis peaced out, Tamra followed her. Poor Alexis has to take medication because being around these ladies who engage in fighting so easily makes her nervous. Then Tamra accuses Vicki and Lydia McLaughlin of saying mean things about her.

But wait, there’s more!

The Jesus Jugs Incident

The Season 7 RHOC reunion gave us a lot of hairspray and even more screaming. Tamra and Alexis basically spent every episode fighting or being highly annoyed with each other. Tensions were high and everything came to a head in one epic moment. As Alexis details each and every one of Tamra’s faults, Tamra immediately went to 11 and screams, “You are psychotic, Jesus Jugs!” So Tamra took a shot a both Jesus, her current Lord and Savior and Alexis’ breast implants. How nice. Alexis was horrified with the blasphemy but the incident moved her to begin speaking publicly about bullying. Wonder how that worked out for her.

The Apology Tweet

So basically an apology sparked another issue between Tamra and Alexis. AN APOLOGY. By now we are on Season 9 and this began when Tamra wrote a blog post about the super awkward dinner she had with her co-stars on a cast trip to Bali. You remember, when Tammy Sue got busted by everyone at the table and she ran away like the tough chick she is? Tamra was waxing poetic about how she felt ganged up on and admitted she had a flashback of when she treated Alexis like shit on a similar cast trip. Tamra then took it upon herself to formally apologize and even said, “Karma is a bitch.” Seems pretty benign. NOPE! Alexis joined in at that point and advised Tamra she had already been forgiven and the apology is appreciated. But maybe next time it doesn’t have to be so public, for show. Naturally Tamra had to hop back on and defend herself. She claimed she apologized to Alexis on camera AND gave her a gift. Alexis maintains she has no recollection of that incident, but she did recall Tamra being mean to Big Daddy Jim Bellino


In an interview conducted in 2018, Tamra and Shannon STORMS Beador made a comment regarding Jim’s Sky Zone trampoline parks closing. Things have changed. Alexis decided she didn’t need her King anymore and gave Jim the boot, so he was feeling very sensitive. Shannon and Tamra were both accused by Jim of lying and defaming him. Jimbo lawyered up and filed a lawsuit. Jim went full drama and said, “I have been forced to seek professional help for physical and psychological ailments I’ve been experiencing since being dragged through the mud by Tamra and Shannon. The repercussions of this behavior from them and the coverage that it gets are literally harming every part of me.” I don’t think Tamra really even knew what she had done, this was just another day of running her mouth. He attempted to get a $1 million settlement – but that didn’t work out too well. Shannon was actually awarded $137k from Jim and in late 2021 Tamra and Jim settled their suit as well. The conditions of the agreement were kept confidential, but I bet one of them was Tammy has to stop being a big meany to Jimmy.


[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic]