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Taylor Ann Green Apologizes To Shep Rose Over Southern Charm Reunion

BravoCon 2022 gave Southern Charm fans the resolution that wasn’t accessible during the Season 8 reunion. Emotions between Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose were just too raw at the time of filming. But the two exes came face to face recently at BravoCon 2022, and the atmosphere between them was very different.

The pair were seated together during the Southern Charm panel on the last day of the weekend event that took place in New York. According to an article by PeopleTaylor told the audience that after some self-reflection, she decided to take a different approach to her ex.

“Honestly, after watching back the reunion, I just really need to get back to my roots and who I am and the person I know.” Taylor said.

“I apologize for jumping down your throat,” she told Shep directly. “There’s a lot of love. I recognize the person sitting [here] today.”

The Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar author responded, “She never has to apologize to me. I love her for eternity.”

Southern Charm co-star Marcie Hobbs likened her cousin’s split with Taylor as being in the middle of a bad divorce. “The situation with Taylor and him is, like, she said, there is so much love between them. In a way I feel like the kid in the divorce. … We love them individually, and we love them together. At the end of the day, they’re gonna have to figure out their paths. And we’re just gonna have to sit back and watch because we love them so much and want the best for them,” she explained.

Cast matriarch Patricia Altschul chimed in, offering the kind of solid advice to Taylor as she has done for cast members throughout her tenure on the show.

“I’m going to give you women out there some advice: When men tell you who they are, believe them. The second thing is, men don’t change at 43. So you accept them for who they are, or you don’t. So those are two dictums I would say you should take very seriously,” Patricia advised, before saying that the known lothario was always honest about his intentions during the two years he dated Taylor.

“And Shep never misrepresented himself, I should add,” Patricia concluded.

Shep has a real issue with monogamy and refused to commit to Taylor, telling her that he doesn’t want to be with just one person and change his lifestyle,” an insider confirmed in a prior statement.

The writing was on the wall for the former lovers after a series of fights throughout Season 8.  One notably regarding Shep’s activity on the dating platform Raya.

“I’m not going to do that,” Shep told Craig Conover after his co-star suggested he delete it. “I’m not going to touch it.”

Despite the unwillingness to commit, Shep asked Taylor to quit her job and travel full-time with him.  The pair prepared to take off at the end of Season 8, but broke up after returning home to Charleson in July.

They met up in Florida a month later for a “not romantic” encounter, but their attempt to maintain civility fell flat. Taylor unloaded all her pain after being “incredibly hurt” by the breakup, an insider said, adding, “But she knows that she deserves a guy who will fight for her, not one who is so selfish. He’ll regret this.”

And it all came to a head during the Southern Charm reunion. Taylor called Shep out for the tempo in which he started dating again.

“You f—ed another person in Texas, Shep,” Taylor accused at the reunion. “Like, it’s been two months since we’ve broken up.”

Despite host Andy Cohen’s comment that Shep was technically single at the time, Taylor persisted. “He’s f—ed allegedly over 300 whores. Like, I was the whore that stuck around for long enough,” she said.

Finally, Andy got to the root of the emotions when Taylor confessed, “because I f—ing love him.”

Shep confirmed, “I’ll always love Taylor. Always.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo/Stephanie Diani]