Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga Called Jennifer Aydin A “Wannabe Loser” Prior To Drink Throwing Incident

Real Housewives of New Jersey has officially wrapped filming and you know what that means! Time to drum up some publicity. Or just continue on with feuds that happened over the season. Apparently, the perfect place to do both things was BravoCon 2022.

After video was released of Jennifer Aydin throwing a drink at their assistant and Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga is now trying to give her side of the story.  As reported by Page Six, Melissa took to her podcast On Display to go on the defense. According to Melissa, it all started when BraoCon guests kept telling her that on both days of the event, “another cast member” was “bashing” her.

Melissa seemed to take that and assume it was Jen, who claimed during one panel that the Gorgas were “holding on for dear life” when it came to their future on the show. Melissa and Joe joined RHONJ for season 2 and Melissa has been a full-time cast members for 11 years now. For her part, Jen arrived on season 9 in 2018. The two have been at odds ever since, especially given that Jen has aligned herself with Teresa Giudice.

On her podcast, Melissa advised Jen, “First of all, stay in your lane. Second of all, I’m not sure which show you’re watching.”

The drink throwing incident came at 1 a.m. at a hotel lobby where the majority of the Bravolebrities were staying. Melissa said that she and Joe were in the lobby with their team when Jen and her assistant walked in.

Melissa alleged that Jen had a “snarky stare in [her] eyes” as she walked by. This caused Melissa to taunt, “Keep moving, wannabe. Come on, loser, just keep walking. There’s the elevator.” But Melissa maintained that there was “no yelling or screaming” but that Jen “did not like” Melissa’s remarks. The longtime RHONJ star also insinuated that Jen wasn’t sober coming from a BravoCon party.

As the situation escalated, Melissa said that Jen began “screaming,” “yelling” and “cursing” in the direction of the Melissa and Joe, who were supposedly “still by the front door.” She explained, “My assistant, somebody that I work with, walks over to [Jennifer]. He goes, ‘You’re acting like trash. You can’t do this. Go inside. Stop yelling. Why are you acting like trash? Get out of here.'”

Melissa went on, “She freaked out that he said that, OK? Joe is now seeing her freak out, and Joe — and I have to say, I don’t think we give Joe enough credit, and he’s 100 percent wrong sometimes — but he literally said, ‘I don’t even know how this dirty b–ch is on the show.’ He did say that out loud, but he said it to the other people we were talking to. Is he right? No, but he said that.” Yikes! So which part are we giving him credit for? Calling another woman a dirty b–ch?

It was that insult that really set Jen off, causing her to throw the contents of her plastic cup on Melissa’s assistant. “By the way, she should probably take care of his dry cleaning bill,” Melissa suggested with annoyance. She claimed that Jen was then “escorted” up to her room.

Prior to Melissa’s statement on the matter, Jen’s assistant had a different take on the matter. Her assistant shared, “We walk in, Jennifer obviously noticed Melissa Gorga and Joe and their team were in the lobby. She looked, looked away [and] went straight for the elevator. There was no interaction on Jen’s part.” Video of the moments after the drink was thrown showed Jen telling the Gorgas, “Stay away! You call me trashy and low-class? She started [it]!”

But Melissa places the blame solely on Jen, noting that Jen created “tension that’s unnecessary at a celebratory event.”


[Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo]