Joe Gorga

Joe Gorga Called Jennifer Aydin A “Dirty Bitch” Before She Threw A Drink At Him

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. They have had non-stop, jam-packed drama all off-season and it carried right on over to BravoCon 2022.

Videos and reports started swirling after Jennifer Aydin was caught on video throwing a drink toward what appeared to be Joe Gorga or someone from his “team”. There was very little that come out after that so the reason for the drink throw was unknown. Except now, things are starting to make a little more sense.

And if I know my girl Jen, she’s not starting anything unprovoked. She will, however, finish it.

Jennifer’s assistant shared a TikTok video, reported by Page Six Monday explaining what happened that led to the drink throw. “After BravoCon on Saturday night, me and Jen decided to go to a BravoCon afterparty.” She continues in the video by explaining that Bill Aydin decided to stay back after a long day of press and interacting with the fans. Per the video, Jen and her assistant were to only stay at the afterparty for about 20 minutes. She clarifies that Jen got “a cup of water with ice” adding that’s what she “always” drinks and then started to head back to the hotel — the one where all the Bravolebs were staying for the weekend.

“We walk in, Jennifer obviously noticed Melissa Gorga and Joe and their team were in the lobby. She looked, looked away [and] went straight for the elevator. There was no interaction on Jen’s part,” her assistant added.

While waiting for the elevator, Jen’s assistant said that Melissa could be heard calling Jen a “f–ing loser, f–ing loser wannabe” and Jen responded by telling her to  “shut the f–k up.”

My initial thought is why did Melissa feel the need to add fuel to a fire that was clearly burning? If I had to guess, the weekend was tense for the Jersey ladies knowing they have to talk about the drama that has been reported in the press over the last few months. Mel and Joe skipping Tre’s wedding, the cheating allegations, and having to defend themselves to a crowd full of Teresa lovers I’m guessing kinda worked them up a little.

“Shut up you f–ing dirty bitch,” Joe could be seen saying back to Jennifer in the TikTok video.

Really, Joe? I mean, I can’t even take the Gorgas seriously. If someone said or did that to Melissa, Joe would’ve lost his mind. Why is it okay to say that not only to your co-star but also to your friend, Bill’s wife? And while she was alone?

Based on that comment, Jen’s assistant is saying she felt threatened enough to throw her drink toward Joe. And truthfully, I can’t be mad at her. Before the video ended, Jen could be heard saying, “Stay away! You call me trashy and low-class? She started [it]!”

And that sounds exactly right. We’ve watched Melissa literally get out of her chair and charge at Jennifer while at her house and then play the victim when Jennifer got right back with her. It’s apparent Jen is not afraid of these girls. She’s great for the show, the fans love her, and they’re bothered by that. I don’t like that Jen is always labeled aggressive or vile by some of the RHONJ cast members but no one except for Teresa will back her up for defending herself. That’s wrong.

Every cast member has said something extremely negative or hurtful about someone else on the show. It’s the nature of the beast. But make sure you’re owning your own behavior as well before solely coming at Jen for hers.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]