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Kelly Dodd Shares DMs From Meghan King Defending Braunwyn-Windham Burke’s Reported Financial Struggles

Kelly Dodd and Meghan King have entered the chat. The two former Real Housewives of Orange County stars came to blows via DM over another RHOC alum: Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

News recently hit that Braunwyn is asking for $10k/month from her husband Sean Burke in their ongoing divorce. Court documents revealed that Brauwnyn claims she only has $2,900 in the bank and can’t financially support their 7 kids. Always willing to kick someone when they are down, Kelly posted the story to her Instagram. Inexplicably trying to connect Braunwyn’s liberal views to her finances, Kelly wrote, “You go woke you go broke.”

As reported by Reality Blurb, Meghan King, who is clearly still a #justicewarrior at heart, took Kelly to task for the dig. Since Kelly has nothing else to talk about, she then leaked Meghan’s Instagram DMs to her on her YouTube show with husband Rick Leventhal.

According to Kelly, Meghan wrote, “[Your post about Braunwyn] isn’t nice. So many single mothers are struggling financially and gaslit by fathers.” She then commented that Kelly was “perpetuating a negative attitude toward divorced women. As a divorcee, the community doesn’t need someone like you [with] a platform sh**ting on an already archaic and hurtful mindset.”

Meghan allegedly added, “As a divorced and former single mother, I think you can understand my POV when the [Braunwyn] emotions are removed.”

Kelly then shared her responses to Meghan. “[Braunwyn]’s not an example of a single mother being gaslit by her ex!!!” she asserted. Kelly then added, “She’s a fake wh*re who ran off to NY, leaving her little kids behind for weeks/months at a time while she talked to the NYPost about how many orgasms she was having with her girlfriend.”

Kelly continued her rant to Meghan, saying, “Now that she’s spent all the money [Sean] gave her, she wants more so she doesn’t have to work or face actual reality or her kids?? Maybe talk to Sean about her instead of buying all her bulls**t.”

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But Meghan refused to back down and pointed out that she wasn’t speaking about Braunwyn specifically, but “the cause.” Kelly railed back, “What cause? My comment was about Braunwyn, and you responded to that comment. I don’t know how anyone could misinterpret my intent there. How does my feelings about Braunwyn have anything to do with it??” she added.

Meghan explained her cause in question, which was “female divorcees struggling … financially.” Kelly didn’t share anything else, leading us to assume the confrontation ended there.

Regardless of what we think of Braunwyn (and we have THOUGHTS), can Kelly just zip it already? Of course she is entitled to her opinion like anyone else. But it’s hard to take her seriously when she’s making a living off trashing her former castmates. Braunwyn may be broke, but at least she didn’t create a whole YouTube channel just to tear others down. I’d rather have $2,900 in my bank account.


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