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Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce From Lenny Hochstein Caused Alexia Echevarria And Guerdy Abraira To Question Their Own Marriages

Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein’s messy divorce being played out in the media and on the Real Housewives of Miami has people talking. Lisa, who says she was “blindsided” by Lenny’s divorce move, has been dragged for months not only by the father of her children but by his side chick girlfriend as well.

I’m sure for Lisa, the divorce isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that he allegedly (eye roll) started dating Katharina Mazepa while he was with Lisa– something he vehemently denies.

As Season 5 of RHOM plays out, cast members have said viewers will see them all rally around Lisa during this rough time in her life. And in a new interview with Page Six, Guerdy Abraira says the Hochstein’s divorce “shook” her, causing her to do work in her own marriage.

“And that’s where my story goes on a personal level with my own husband. I’m just kind of looking around, like, ‘OK, if this can happen so fast and furious, am I OK at home?’” she said.

Guerdy revealed that even though it may seem like everything is together on the outside, there could be things terribly wrong behind-the-scenes. “You think you have it all and then you question yourself, like, ‘Wait, are we OK? Like, seriously, are we OK? Any issues that I don’t know about, any blind spots for me?'” she stated. “And there were quite a lot.”

The first five episodes of RHOM are currently streaming on Peacock, and it’s clear that Lenny is disengaged so far. To be fair, he was disengaged last season as well, but this year, the editors have made a deliberate choice to showcase his cringey behavior. Most notable so far is his scandalous hot-mic moment.

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Even though we will see a lot of Lisa’s personal story this season, Guerdy told Page Six that she and her husband showcase their marital struggles as well. Talking about a scene that will later air this season, the party planner let it be known that her husband is open and honest with how he feels.

Guerdy stated, “That quiet man is talking the talk and … I didn’t know how he would respond to me asking him, like, ‘Are we OK?’ I thought he was just going to brush it off and say, ‘Whatever.’ No, he’s like, ‘Yeah, about that.’ And he lets me have it.” Either way, Guerdy said the couple’s struggles this season made them “1000 percent” stronger.

As for Alexia Echevarria, who is undoubtedly team Lisa, she said watching her friend’s divorce play out the way it did “affected” her “so much.”

Alexia admits that she had a similar reaction to Guerdy when she found out about Lenny’s adultery from Lisa.

“I came home and I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ You kind of, like, start even doubting … So I’m like, ‘OK, well maybe I should start checking your phone or maybe I should start doing this,” she said.

But ultimately, it wasn’t just Alexia and Guerdy that started asking questions. The self-proclaimed “Cuban Barbie” noted that their divorce, and the complexities of it all, challenged everyone.

She said, “When Lisa shared this news with us, we were deeply affected by it and we all started assessing our own relationships and all these different things that were going on with her. As a woman, you know, but sometimes we don’t want to see it.”

Alexia shared that she and her husband are doing just fine but learned a lot along the way this season. “Thank God I’m in such a great place in my relationship and in my marriage,” she said. “But I feel like all of us learned from Lisa and [Lenny] going through this.”

As stories continue to roll out about Lenny and Lisa’s relationship, I hope we’ll get to see a continuation of this on the show and eventually when the reunion airs.


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