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Lenny Hochstein Accuses Estranged Wife Lisa Hochstein Of “Abuse”

Another day, another accusation. I can’t remember a more toxic divorce than that of Lisa Hochstein and Dr. Lenny Hochstein. At least when it comes to Real Housewives. Lisa, who has been a main cast member of Real Housewives of Miami since Season 2, is embroiled in a very public split. One that she claims she learned about when Lenny announced it in the press.

Since that announcement in May 2022, things have only gotten worse. Lenny has been parading around with new girlfriend Katharina Mazepa. Katharina is the Instagram model who Lisa claims Lenny left her for. Both Lenny and Katharina have denied that accusation. But at one point, Lenny said that Lisa knew he was in a relationship with Katharina. From there, Lisa and Lenny have gone back and forth on everything. Including but not limited to housing issues, protective orders and claims of financial manipulation.

Now, Lenny is airing his dirty laundry in the comments section of Instagram. Of all places! @socialitegossip shared a screenshot. As reported by Page Six, Lenny recently responded to users weighing in on the situation. The aging plastic surgeon began by griping, “Lisa treated me like her servant.”

He continued, “She refused to help me with the smallest requests, yelled at me on a weekly if not daily basis, established a life completely away from me, stayed out partying when I was home, criticized everything I did (except working hard), shoved her friends who I disliked down my throat, embarrassed me in public in front of my friends and refused to do anything with me.”

Despite being caught on RHOM cameras saying that he’s dating someone else and Lisa doesn’t know, Lenny is still mad that Lisa is attempting to move on herself. “One of the guys [Lisa’s] dating has been to our home, has vacationed with us and has had a ‘friendly’ relationship with her for 7 years. But I’m the bad guy?” Lenny noted.

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But Lisa is denying that she is boo’d up. Last month, the mother of two said she was “not dating anyone seriously at all.” This was after being spotted out in NYC with a tech entrepreneur, which I can assure you is an upgrade from Lenny. Lisa added, “Honestly, even if I was dating, that’s my own private business. Like, why would somebody that left me for someone else even comment on something like that after months later when he’s fully in a relationship?”

Back on the ‘Gram, Lenny concluded, “I tried to sacrifice my life for the sake of our children for years but ultimately the abuse became too much. You think you know the real Lisa?”


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