WEEHAWKEN, NJ - JULY 10: Kim DePaola attends the "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" Season 7 Premiere Party at Molos on July 10, 2016 in Weehawken, New Jersey. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Kim DePaola Claims That Rachel Fuda Allegedly Bought Her Way On To Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Kim DePaola hasn’t been featured on Real Housewives of New Jersey in years. But the infamous pot-stirrer/backstabber still has the tea on the upcoming season. At least that’s what she’s claiming.

As reported by heavy, Kim D. made a recent appearance on the housewives gossip podcast Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef. But instead of her gossiping about the good old days of her inserting herself into any drama she could find on the show, she set her sights on the future of RHONJ. Mainly, new cast member Rachel Fuda.

According to Kim D. and Kim D. only, Rachel joining the cast was thanks to her offering up some free tile. You heard that correctly. Kim explained, “Fuda [Tile and Marble]  is the tile place in Elmwood Park [New Jersey]. It’s been there forever. Fuda Tile is very like echelon in Elmwood Park.”

So who got the free tile, you ask? Kim D. said it was none other than Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga, who have been posting all over social media about the new custom mansion they were building. While it’s unconfirmed (because why would it be?), Kim D. asserted that Rachel provided the Gorgas with free tile and granite.

Kim also noted that Rachel originally wormed her way into the group via Frank Catania’s girlfriend, Brittany Mattessich. Said Kim, “They were good friends. Brittany brings [Rachel] around, she’s in Franklin Lakes. She wants to be on the show desperately.” Kim continued, “She makes friends with Melissa, approaches Melissa and Joe and said, ‘Listen, I will give you all free tile for your house. The whole house for free if you try to get me on the show.’ All free title. All granite. All tile. That is a lot of money, honey. A lot of money. Kitchen. Bathrooms. The whole house. Everything. Foyers,” she added.

While this might seem silly, Kim is right – tile is expensive! So the Gorgas, who seemingly love freebies, probably couldn’t say no to that kind of deal. Which supposedly turned into an interview with RHONJ producers. “She gets her interview, she gets on the show, she drops Brittany like a stale crust of bread. And she dropped all her friends in Franklin Lakes and she stuck right up Melissa’s a–. That’s where she is. That’s where she’ll stay,” Kim added.

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As for where she got the piping hot Jersey tea, Kim claimed it was from mutual friends of Rachel who were “spilling their guts” at a Christmas Eve gathering. The boutique owner shared, “This girl was determined. She was another one who was determined to step it up, step it up with the Fuda guy…to a Fuda to Brittany. To Melissa to a Housewife.”

Despite the shade of it all, Kim D. maintained that she doesn’t “care” how Rachel got on the show. Her issue is that Rachel reportedly ditched her friends for Melissa. “I don’t like that she threw her friends away because all of a sudden she’s with Melissa Gorga, who they’re just using each other. So it’s not a real friendship. Here we go with another fake s–t,” Kim griped.

As for Rachel, she announced her role on RHONJ via a post on Instagram a few weeks ago. She shared her official cast picture with the caption, “Super excited for this next chapter & to officially be a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast! It’s been a wild ride- Can’t wait to see what season 13 brings!”


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