Lindsay Arnold

Dancing With The Stars Alum Lindsay Arnold Shares “Extremely Bad” Pregnancy Health Scare

Bringing a child into this world is a joy and privilege to experience. Bringing a child into this world and maneuvering through major health scares during pregnancy is frightening and devastating to experience. Sometimes the thrill of becoming a parent is side-lined by issues and medical anomalies that are emotionally and physically debilitating.

Former Dancing with the Stars professional hot stepper Lindsay Arnold announced she is pregnant with baby number two back in October 2022. Her first daughter was born in November 2020 with husband Sam Cusick. This time around her pregnancy has seen a couple of hiccups and she shared the details with her TikTok followers. Heavy. has the story.

Lindsay revealed to her fans that during her first trimester, she was diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma. She also went through this with her first pregnancy, but it was much more intense with the second. “This one was extremely bad,” Lindsay said. “It was to the point where I thought I’d lost the baby.”

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She explained that when she and her family were on vacation in November 2022, Lindsay began heavily bleeding along with “extreme pain” and loss of sleep. Now, if you are a pregnant woman this is one of the most terrifying things you will ever go through. Thankfully prenatal care and medical intervention are able to navigate certain difficulties with positive outcomes.

Lindsay shared, “So basically, Sam and I both thought, ‘Okay, I’m probably having a miscarriage,’” she said, explaining her OB was contacted the next day with a visit planned. She added, “I was very convinced that I had miscarried. I mean, I held on to a little bit of hope, but it was so hard because  this experience was so different than what I had with my first pregnancy.”

Her ultrasound revealed a heartbeat and fetal movement, so the kiddo was a-okay despite the bleeding. Lindsay continued, “I bled for another three weeks after that,” and she was “very grateful” her worst fears weren’t confirmed. After enduring a scare like this condition, which is relatively common, Lindsay now wants to raise awareness for others who might experience it.

A subchorionic hematoma is when blood gathers behind the chorion membrane during pregnancy. This membrane connects the amniotic sac of the infant to the uterine wall of the mother. Vaginal bleeding is the most typical sign but not everyone exhibits symptoms. In more normal terms, basically blood gathers behind the sac around the fetus and because it’s connected to Mom, she may or may not see vaginal bleeding. #themoreyouknow

The majority of the time, the condition disappears and a lot of women have no idea they even had it. That’s obviously the best conclusion. Thankfully Lindsay rode the wave and got through this episode, and thankfully her docs knew what to do. Hope Lindsay hangs in there and coasts the rest of the way. Soon all she’ll have to worry about is having two kids under the age of 5.


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