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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: Bon Voyage

We’re picking up right where we left off. Alissa Humber and Camille Lamb are yelling at each other in front of some of the pickiest guests we’ve seen in Season 10. It’s great to be here. Below Deck is one of the few reality TV shows still giving in our current landscape, and this episode absolutely delivered. Let’s dive in!

Sandy Gets Serious

Captain Sandy Yawn walks right into the yelling match between Alissa and Camille. After forcing everyone to give her the tea listening to both sides of the story, she decides Fraser Olender is at fault for poorly managing the situation.

Sandy gives Fraser a firm talking-to about the argument. She even threatens to fire BOTH Camille and Alissa. I’m quaking. Again, I just know Captain Lee Rosbach is here in spirit. Have we ever seen Sandy this upset? Besides the time her deck crew found *gasp* prescribed medication in her chief stew’s personal items??

Tardy Dinner Party

Not a great charter to flop. These guests have high expectations and a notably low frustration tolerance. At least they’re keeping most of their comments between themselves and the camera crew? For reasons unknown to science, and despite her well-earned confidenceChef Rachel Hargrove is having an exceptionally difficult time meeting these guests’ demands. It’s painful to watch, frankly. As was the resulting tip meeting.

These guests were painful in every way. Alissa even whipped out her infant voice previously reserved for correcting Camille! She was kept up past 4 a.m. pouring drinks, managing hooka burns, and giving out reminders she doesn’t like broken glassware on the aft. As Below Deck fans I know we’re all excited to see how she might let this rage out later.

Alissa The “Play Pony”

The yachties are getting ready for a night out. Alissa decides to use this time to relive her argument with Camille by sweetly saying, “I hate you.” Camille says she wants Alissa to acknowledge her stake in things, and Alissa argues that if Camille is going to give her an attitude, she’s going to give it back even harder. I love the logic, but the carry-through needs some work.

After Camille leaves Alissa’s cabin, no doubt to refill her gigantic wine glass, Alissa starts sobbing to Fraser that Camille was in her space. What happened to “giving it back harder?” Maybe she set that aside for Ross McHarg?

While out at dinner, Alissa, who claims not to smoke, bummed a cig from Ross far away from the other yachties. She whispered sweet nothings into his ear about evolving from a “workhorse to a play pony.” Very cringe. And all within Katie Glaser’s line of sight.

After the club, Alissa starts to cry again over Fraser’s lack of follow-through in holding Camille accountable. She calls Camille sloppy before crumpling into a cab and trying to hang her chest out the window. Again, I am completely lost in the hypocrisy but continue to agree that Camille needs to go.

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Camille Gets Tipsy

After the messy crew night out, Camille decides to drink all day while preparing motor yacht St. David for the next charter. What a choice! She joins the deck crew on the dock with approximately a pint of guest champagne all to herself. Rachel lets it slip to Fraser that Camille has been drinking all day, and that’s the final straw.

Fraser rips through the guest cabins, snapping photos as proof of Camille’s poor work ethic. After reviewing the fresh receipts with Camille, Fraser sends her to finish her job. Once complete, Camille is back on the bottle again, getting wasted by herself, twerking in her cabin, thong-clad butthole to the sky. Fraser, on the other hand, has a restless night. He’s nervous about the management decision ahead.

Fraser Takes Charge

In the morning Fraser has his final decision. He asks Captain Sandy to let Camille go. He seems confident the interior will be fine with only three stews. Captain Sandy wastes no time in calling Camille to the bridge, and this might be the least exciting firing we’ve ever seen in Below Deck history. Camille seemed to know on sight that she was being let go. And that’s when Bravo’s favorite image flashed on the screen….TO BE CONTINUED…dun dun dunnnnnn.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]