Cheryl Burke Dancing With the Stars

Former Dancing With The Stars Pro Cheryl Burke Says She Is “Proud” To Be “Alone, Not Lonely” After Ex-Husband Matthew Lawrence Reveals Romance With Rozonda Chilli Thomas

Former Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke’s choreo might be on point, or en pointe, but her love life has been a bit of a mess. You don’t have to wonder about it because Cheryl is quite fond of over-sharing on social media. Her marriage to ex-husband Matthew Lawrence didn’t work out and she basically alluded to his inability to be faithful. She also left DWTS after not scoring a hosting or judging gig when she turned in her dancing shoes.

While Cheryl was trying to get over losing her man and her job, Matthew went public with his new relationship. Obviously this stings but it stings even more when the woman happens to be singer, dancer, and legendary member of TLC Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. Ouch.

Normally this would be a prime time to lay low, maybe read a few books, and stay the hell off social media and the internet. But Cheryl is not doing any of those things. Now she has once again taken to Instagram to tell her followers how great she’s doing. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

According to People, Cheryl is doing just fine. Sure, Jan! Earlier this week Cheryl shared some completely candid and not-at-all posed photos of herself on Insta. Living life without a care in the world and absolutely, positively, without a doubt, not thinking about Matthew and Chilli. Cheryl said she wanted to throw out an update because she was “getting a lot of questions about how [she’s] been doing lately and what’s been going on.” Uh-huh.

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Cheryl wrote, “If I could describe how I feel in one word, I honestly couldn’t. Each day presents its own bliss but also its own challenges.” She added, “There are some days where I wake up dominated by my overwhelming feelings of anxiety, allowing the outside world to define my identity.” Well dang, line forms to the left. Join the club, honey.

She explained basically there are good days and bad days while she navigates this emotional journey. “Then there are moments when I feel peace and ease within my soul, which has led me to learn how to connect with my true essence and purpose in life — which will forever be something I continue to discover for as long as I live.”

Cheryl also said she might be alone, but she isn’t lonely. “Today, I am proud to say that I am alone, not lonely, and though the past year had its challenges, I feel so much pride in knowing that I got through it all by myself.” She also credits her therapist for helping out during her difficult time.

“That’s right! Me, myself, and I (and my therapist, of course! Ha!). Normally, I would have jumped straight into another relationship, found a rebound or two, and gone out with my friends 7 nights a week while numbing by using and abusing alcohol, however, this time, I choose a different path,” she continued. “A clearer path, a more conscious path. Though scary and uncomfortable at times, I have evolved into a woman who I never thought could exist within me. Every night I go to sleep I make sure to write in my gratitude journal for the day,” Cheryl revealed.

She continued, “I am actually surprised to say that I had and never have been so eager for what tomorrow will bring. Through all of the ups and downs, and ‘the work’ I’ve done on myself, I find comfort in knowing that the only person who can fill up my cup, is ME. And for the first time, I can genuinely say that, I LOVE ME!” Okay girl, we get it.

Hopefully Cheryl keeps her chin up and hangs on to that positive attitude. If nothing else, getting over this marriage has to be easier than teaching Rob Kardashian how to dance.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer]