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Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn Slams Captain Lee Rosbach; Says “He’s Definitely Not Acting His Age”

The feuding captains of Below Deck are continuing their drama. And Captain Sandy Yawn is going for the last word. She used a recent interview as a platform to defend herself and throw some more shade on Captain Lee Rosbach.

On February 1st, Sandy was a guest on Sirius XM’s podcast Reality Checked. She was asked to respond to Captain Lee’s comments about being informed before Camille Lamb’s firing on Below Deck.

According to Us Weekly, Sandy responded, “He’s in the hospital. Who’s gonna call and say, ‘Can I fire Camille?’ Never in a million years would I do that,” she stated. “But what I did was give him a courtesy call saying, ‘By the way, I did fire her. You almost had a mutiny on your boat because of her.’”

Sandy added, “Plus, who’s gonna call someone while they’re having surgery and then recovering from surgery? I don’t know what happened, but I tried to call him a few times and he hasn’t picked the phone up.”

Sandy hasn’t always been so direct in this feud. She chose to respond to Captain Lee with a series of cryptic quotes posted to social media. Sandy referenced this action during the interview and explained, “I have to say this. When they go low, we go high. I told Lee [through a Twitter post]. I was like ‘Hurt people hurt people’ right? So, I don’t know. I haven’t ever hurt him – but I think when you spew that kind of stuff it’s inward and I feel bad for the guy,” she said.

But Sandy arguably behaved in the same juvenile manner when she suggested that Captain Lee was “definitely not acting” his age. The Florida resident also denied any rumors that she is trying to take over the original Below Deck show.

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“I called him and said, ‘Come back to your boat.’ Because I had a girlfriend that was going to have surgery,” Sandy explained “Like, I didn’t step on there to take over a show. I don’t want two shows. I like the Mediterranean. Are you kidding me? I like the Mediterranean.”

Captain Lee’s response to all of this has simply been an issue of protocol. Dare we say maritime law?

Earlier this month, Captain Lee tweeted, “So, I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before. Ok? Then why contact me after and tell me at all? Plenty of time to call me after, but not before. She made the right call. But lacked in procedure and respect. Just the way I roll.”

Sandy responded that she hasn’t “the time to keep up” with the feud going viral and Us Weekly’s coverage of it.

Below Deck Adventure star Captain Kerry Titheradge was asked to give his opinion. However, he maintained a neutral stance.

“I have a personal rule [which is that] I don’t judge another captain’s decision. I don’t have an opinion on that,” Captain Kerry said. “It wasn’t my deal. So, if I’m in a situation [where] I’m filling in for somebody and I make a decision — that’s for me to make and I don’t want anyone else to judge it.”

The captain reiterated that he wasn’t “siding with either of them.” That’s a wise policy to follow. Clearly Bravolebrity fame hasn’t gone to Captain Kerry’s head yet.

He concluded, “I’m saying I have no judgment because I just don’t. It all depends on their conversation when they first met [in season 10]. … But when someone is relieving another person — it depends on the conversation. … I wasn’t there,” he said. “At the end of the day, the captain who is on board has to make a decision for the safety of the vessel. And that safety isn’t always falling [or someone] hurting themselves. It’s mental health as well and how the crew is working together.”


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