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Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn Reveals Where She Stands With Camille Lamb Post Firing

How do you solve a problem like Camille Lamb? Well, you don’t. Not really. She deflects far too much to make headway with constructive criticism. Better just to pass her along to the next unsuspecting employer.

Captain Sandy Yawn finally did so on last week’s episode of Below Deck. The interim captain followed through on all the advice from her department heads chef Rachel Hargrove, bosun Ross McHarg, and chief stew Fraser Olender and fired the deck/stew.

Captain Sandy confirmed to E! News  that she made the right decision. “I stand by it,” she said. “First and foremost, I don’t fire people unless I have the facts, and, secondly, I don’t fire people out of favoritism or non-favoritism. I fire people because if they’re the one singular thing where everything else is evolving around them, that’s the problem I have to eliminate,” Sanday added.

If there’s one thing Camille isn’t, that’s a victim in this situation. She was combative, rude, and unreceptive to any help. But Sandy somehow found a way to give her some grace.

Sandy opined, “Sometimes people just walk through life and think what they’re doing is OK just because they’ve never been properly taught. I was that person until someone showed me, but I had to be willing to listen and to remain teachable.”

But the real intrigue is how Camille would act if she ran into her former captain again. The yachting industry is a tight circle after all. Well, apparently the two ladies did cross paths at a charity event. And Sandy revealed what really went down.

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“I did a fundraiser for the maritime industry and she showed up,” Sandy explained. “A lot of Below Deck people showed up that I didn’t even invite and I thought that’s pretty awesome, because they love the maritime industry.”

She continued, “When I’m a captain I’m not there to make friends, I’m there to do my job. Firing people is never fun, but I try to do it in a gentle way. It doesn’t mean we’ve ended a working relationship.” Sandy added, “I’m not friends with Camille, we’re not buddies. She showed up, I love the support and it’s like another colleague in the industry,” she said. “So good terms? I don’t look at good terms. I have to say I’m very neutral when it comes to the crew.”

So Camille played nice. Well, bringing a bad attitude to a charity event is never a good look. She’ll save her confrontations for the crew according to the Below Deck trailer.

Sandy finished the interview saying how difficult firing Camille really was, especially since she was just filling in for Captain Lee Rosbach.

“Remember I stepped on Captain Lee‘s boat—the last thing I want to do is start firing his crew,” Sandy admitted. “So it’s a very hard line. But my main priority is the client, what’s best for the boat. Happy crew, happy boat, happy client,” she added.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]