Captain Sandy Yawn
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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 11 Recap: Sandy Is Salty

Captain Lee, Captain Lee, it’s Angie. I’m going to need someone to come take the trash out. The fish is starting to stink at the head if you know what I mean.

This episode of Below Deck was one for the books, and not in a good way. Captain Sandy Yawn has officially worn out her welcome during her temporary tenure on Motor Yacht St. David. I had hoped during the Camille Lamb firing that we were finally going to see Sandy back her interior crew. WRONG. While the deck crew is getting public praise for simply getting out of bed, the interior is being belittled to the nth degree. Sandy has even taken to trash-talking the stews with chef Rachel Hargrove. She all but plans a joint attack on the interior team with her. No wonder Captain Lee has publicly called her adherence to procedure into question. Have a sip of whatever calms your nerves (you’re going to need it), and join us for this one.

Ross Recovers

We start the episode off by recounting the night before for Ross McHarg. All he remembers is his crispy dinner and…that’s about it. Katie Glaser admits in her confessional that her wall is officially up. She spent the day before watching Ross rub all over Alissa Humber, holding her hand and having flirty side convos. Ross has a master plan to win Katie back, though. He puts a sheet over her head and viola. She’s right back in his clutches.

In his confessional Ross shares that he’s made mistakes before, and he’ll continue to make mistakes again. Charming. He then walks into the laz and murmurs “I just need to have sex” to himself. He texts Katie to join him in the laz. She finds him and he eventually proclaims he “should be more aware” and that he’s sorry. Katie seems to accept the apology, and the countdown is on for their next break up.

Rachel Packed Her Bad Girl Pants

The guests arrive at Motor Yacht St. David to celebrate a divorce. Let freedom ring! Mazel to the happy ladies! The all-female charter showed up hangry (their words) and requested food immediately. Chef Rachel is frustrated to hear it. She had already radioed Alissa to set up a bounty of finger food options. Even from my sloppy land-locked couch the bar top crackers, hummus, and tapenade Alissa provided seemed underwhelming.

Alissa explains to Rachel that the guests requested Doritos on their preference sheet. She didn’t feel orange chips would fit with the vibe of the measly bits she set out. A fascinating decision from someone who went hard after Ross last week. Now she’s trying to critique someone’s taste for junk? Miss me with that.

In general, Rachel tends to agree with Sandy that the interior crew is slacking this season, and she’s about ready to set everyone straight. In the meantime, she whips up a delicious Italian meal for her hungry guests.

For her part, Alissa begins ranting in front of the guests to Hayley De Sola Pinto that Rachel “needs to take her meds.” Alissa didn’t appreciate Rachel’s feedback on the charcuterie standard for mega-yachts. This reminds me, I should start taking my meds before watching this sh-t-show myself.

Alissa Lost Her Shield

It’s official. Removing Camille from the crew has put a spotlight on Alissa’s attitude problem. Or maybe getting Camille off the boat has spiked Alissa’s confidence? Whichever it is, it’s not working. And neither is Alissa. She’s taking calls from her mother on the sun deck mid-charter and acting wounded when Fraser corrects her unprofessionalism.

At this point, Rachel has had it with the interior dynamics. She presses Fraser for doing everything rather than delegating to his crew. Rachel then teases the possibility that Fraser may burn out if he doesn’t start trusting his team to carry more of the workload. Is that how we get our mystery blonde crew member? I hate to think we might be losing Fraser!

In an effort to raise his expectations, Fraser decides to leave the entire dinner service to Alissa. She sets the table and lays one giant shell in the middle. I was shocked to see this minimal display earn her a “well done” from Fraser. Personally, I gave this “tablescape” a solid 2/10.

Sandy Sucks Deck Crew D-ck

That’s just the word on the street according to Alissa. I must admit, though, Sandy is especially complimentary of the deck crew during the last day of the charter. She’s wildly impressed Ben woke up and attended his shift. Really shooting for the moon. In her confessional, Sandy says that the deck crew is always ready to say ‘yes’ to her. Maybe because they are under her direct orders to safely navigate and drive the boat? I’m not sure I understand how this is an accomplishment. It seems like that’s only doing the bare minimum of their job.

Sandy feels the need to hand out a corny “dream team” compliment to the deck crew over the walkie. Casual. She later needles radios Fraser to question his departure methods for all to hear. Fraser gives a master class in elegance and decides to find Sandy on the deck to have a conversation face to face. He clarifies his routine with his captain and assures her he has the best interest of the guests in mind. Let’s not forget he’s working for tips here.

As the show continues it becomes more and more evident that production is on Fraser’s side of things. They’re consistently showing his efforts to meet the guest’s needs, and following it with Sandy’s inaccurate assessment of the situation. It’s good, but not enough to keep my blood pressure at a healthy level.

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Fraser’s First Fight

Just when I thought my head was going to explode, there was more. Captain Sandy is absolutely relentless in her quest to micromanage the interior. She hears a conversation happening between the stewardesses and deems them insolent. She demands her bed be immediately stripped. All while her precious guests are on board! When Fraser attempts to defend his team, Sandy changes her mind and yells, “Now is not the time to talk to me!” SO THEN PIPE DOWN AND LET THEM WORK.

Next week, it looks like Sandy tries to rebound and boost crew morale with a good old-fashioned beach volleyball game. I’m really asking who, besides Bravo, is paying this woman to be a motivational anything? Besides team sports, we have yet another Katie, Ross, Alissa snafu to wade through. And Sandy is going to diminish Fraser within an inch of his life. My heart!


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