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Former Total Bellas Star Nikki Bella And Artem Chigvintsev’s Son Threw Up Throughout Their Wedding Ceremony

Did you have an unfortunate occurrence during your wedding ceremony? If so, you now have fellow partners in commiseration. Sometimes the worst part about getting married is saying “I do.” Because hindsight is 20/20 and all that jazz. Other times something truly embarrassing happens mid-service that could put a blemish on an otherwise lovely occasion.

Perhaps Uncle Chad downs too many Natty Lights and sprawls out spread-eagle on the aisle. Or maybe Aunt Lottie would like to tell you how you should smile more and then you too could get a man! This didn’t happen to Nikki Bella and hubby Artem Chigvintsev. But they won’t forget their wedding day anytime soon.

According to E! News, the trip to happily ever after for Nikki and Artem was missing one very significant individual. The couple’s 2-year-old son Matteo Chigvintsev had to miss their August 2022 wedding ceremony in Paris. Matteo, in Artem’s words, became a little “too excited” about carrying the rings.

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Nikki said, “He was throwing up.” She added, “The Nutcracker plays and we’re like looking down the aisle and I’m like, ‘Where is he?'” She continued, “My brother’s like, ‘Here’s the rings. Matteo’s vomiting. Just, you know, continue to get married.'”

Nikki and Artem were devastated by the circumstance. Nikki revealed, “I think I turned white.” Aww, little man Matteo just sounds like a seasoned wedding guest to me. Nikki continued, “We both don’t even remember the ring part because we both kept looking at each other like, ‘Are we terrible parents, like putting our rings on and we were just told our son is vomiting in the back?’” Not terrible parents. Kids puke. Unless you see blood, keep going.

She added, “He ended up throwing up and he went back to the hotel, and he actually ended up being okay. But I’m sad we don’t have that moment, but it’s okay. We got to see him before,” she added. While Nikki and her former Dancing with the Stars partner planned their nuptials in 4 weeks, she does not recommend this practice.

The WWE alum said, ”For me, when things didn’t work out, I was just like, ‘Whatever. You know, whatever does is meant to be,’ and it kind of made it more magical. And Paris is very magical, especially when it comes to love, but I do not suggest it.” Sounds like Matteo doesn’t suggest it, either.

Followers of Nikki and Artem will be able to see the action go down in their 4-part special, Nikki Bella Says I Do, currently airing on E!.


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