Mzi “Zee” Dempers Below Deck Mediterranean - Season 6

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Mzi “Zee” Dempers Opens Up About “Toughest Two Months” Of His Life

Social media could do with a little more honesty. And one Below Deck Mediterranean star took to Instagram last week to share another aspect of himself. One that was not apparent during his time on the show.

Mzi “Zee” Dempers could always be seen with a smile on his face. He never courted drama, and approached life and work on board with positivity. Of course, we all deal with difficulties in our own way. Still, in a post on Instagram that he called “honesty hour,” Zee posted two photos of himself with the caption, “Two different versions of a Happy Zee.” One snap was Zee as a child alongside an updated selfie.

“The past couple of months have definitely probably been the two toughest months of my life,” Zee explained. “So much uncertainty and frustration leading to much unwarranted self-hate and a continual spiral of confusion. Left me feeling super super vulnerable and forgetting to appreciate the things which aren’t affecting me negatively.”

According to, Zee’s been nursing his mental health and working to break toxic cycles. He admitted that “overthinking” causes a lot of stress for him and that he tends to cycle in and out of that mindset.

“Happy to say that two days ago had been the first day in +- 2 months that I’d felt relatively fulfilled and happy, and it came out the blue,” Zee revealed.

The reality TV star offered advice to his followers who are looking to better their mindset. He wrote when life is, “Just the downs, taking a moment each day to think of what it is that’s causing that pain, and why is it affecting you in such a way, really does help, instead of letting those thoughts fester away at you.”

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Zee suggested connecting with loved ones regularly but also checking in on yourself. He concluded, “Happy Friday everybody, here’s to loving you and finding those little windows of [fulfillment] in your lives.”

Below Deck Med co-stars offered words of support for their fellow yachtie. Former chief stew Katie Flood wrote, “I love you, I am here for you. You are one of the best things to walk into my life and I will forever have your back.” She continued, “You are so amazing and so beautiful and shine so much light on so many people. I am so proud of you and how far you have come. I am always by your side no matter how many oceans apart we may be,” Katie added.

Season 7 bosun Storm Smith posted several heart emojis. Storm and Zee are childhood friends.

Zee had a challenging childhood in Durban, South Africa. He was orphaned at just three years old. Zee was adopted by the family that employed his grandmother.

His official Bravo bio reads, “After Dempers completed his education in Cape Town, he decided to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and start a life at sea.” One brother is a Captain, while the other is a Chief Officer.


[Photo Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo]