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The Bachelor’s Brooklyn Willie Was “Blindsided” By Elimination; Does She Still Have Feelings For Zach?

Yet another Bachelor contestant is saying she was “blindsided” by her elimination. Has she seen this show? This is the way it works, honey.

On the Monday, March 6 episode, Brooklyn Willie was denied the date rose and sent home during a one-on-one date that included a ride in a hot air balloon and a soak in a giant outdoor heated spa. As the rose would have meant meeting her family during Hometown visits the following week, Bachelor Zach Shallcross didn’t feel it was fair to get their hopes up, when he didn’t see a future with the rodeo rider. “You deserve the love I can’t give you,” he told her, before walking her to a waiting limo.

“I did truly feel blindsided,” Brooklyn told Us Weekly at the recent Women Tell All taping, which airs on Tuesday, March 14. “However, you know, having time to reflect after that, I do feel like I got the closure I needed, and I respect him for it truly. While I did feel blindsided in the moment, I respect his decision.”

But does Brooklyn still have feelings for the Anaheim Hills native? “When you have feelings that strong, they don’t ever go away,” she admitted. “He’s a great guy, but, you know, if anyone ever has any doubts about me, that’s not someone I truly want to be with.”

While she’s accepted that Zach is not “The One” for her, the rodeo racer confessed to having “feelings of mutual respect for him.” And she hopes her future partner will have qualities similar to those of the California tech exec.

“I would definitely say I am looking for someone that is emotionally intelligent,” Brooklyn said. “Zach is very able to speak on how he felt. I like that. But [I also want] someone who is able to have those hard conversations and is able to receive them. I really admired how he was very intentional and knew exactly what he wanted. He didn’t settle or lead anyone on. So I’m looking for [someone like] that too.”

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Brooklyn’s time on the show is done, but she won’t soon be forgotten. Fans were rooting for the barrel racer after she revealed to Zach that she had been physically abused by a past partner.

“It was hard in the moment,” she said, adding that she had been unsure about sharing her story publicly. “But I’m so thankful I did it and especially on such a big platform . . . If it can help just one person, then maybe that’s why God had me go through it.”

After that episode aired, Brooklyn was “overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from everyone.” So many were touched by her story and responded on social media, sending her messages of appreciation for sharing her experience.

During Monday’s episode, Greer Blitzer was also eliminated. Greer had been considered a frontrunner when she got the First Impression Rose on Night 1, but was twice sabotaged by Coronavirus: first when Zach got sick and had to be quarantined for several days, and then again when Greer also contracted the virus and was stuck in her hotel room for 6 days.

Meanwhile, the other women were spending time with the Bachelor and building relationships with him. By the time the medical sales representative tested negative and was allowed to catch up with the rest of the women — who had moved on to Budapest, Hungary without her — the Bachelor had made stronger connections with others. Greer was sent home before she’d even unpacked her suitcase. At least now I won’t constantly be confusing her with Gabi. They could be sisters.

The other unlucky lady to be sent home Monday night was Kat Izzo. The Florida registered nurse hadn’t garnered any friendship points with the other women when she pulled Zach out into the hallway for a quick makeout session right before Charity Lawson’s one-on-one date in Tallinn, Estonia. Brooklyn, in particular, was upset by Kat’s tacky move, calling it (and her) “classless . . . selfish . . . [and] disrespectful.” In the end, Kat got in her own head and started overthinking everything, even going so far as to tell Zach that her uncertainty had at times made her “want to leave.” So being the nice guy that he is, the Bachelorette alum helped her out with that.

After cutting three women from his roster, Zach commented on the surprising exits. “I don’t take the goodbyes well,” he said, “cause the feelings just don’t evaporate once you make that decision.” It’s just the nature of the game, baby. And it’s only going to get harder from here.

Zach’s final four contestants are Charity Lawson, Ariel Frenkel, Gabi Elnicki and Kaity Biggar.


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