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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Reunion Part 2 Recap: Kiki Barth’s Arrival Is Overshadowed By Hurricane Larsa Pippen

Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 is a lot to unpack, so it’s unsurprising that each reunion episode is jam-packed with drama. Part One focused a lot on Alexia Echevarria’s tendency to put her foot in her mouth. She may not have learned much aside from doubling down that she’s just a natural-born star.

Part 2 of the RHOM reunion is the Larsa Pippen show. Larsa takes her messy antics to a new level, especially when fighting Nicole Martin. Even Andy Cohen gets sick of Larsa’s shady games and loses his cool for a moment. Here are five takeaways from Part 2 of the RHOM Season 5 reunion.

At Long Last, Kiki Has Arrived

For some godforsaken reason, RHOM makes us wait until the second part of the reunion to bring Kiki Barth onto the stage. Kiki is the best Friend Of that the Real Housewives franchise has seen in a while. Kiki is downright hilarious and always ready to have a good time. She joined the girls on stage and her boob pops out of her dress almost immediately. Classic Kiki.

Kiki answered a lot of questions about her hilarious antics this season. Andy wasted no time getting to the bottom of the rogue Burger King that showed up on Adriana De Moura’s yacht video shoot. She gave us an update that she’s still single. The reason? She thinks a lot of the men in Miami are “eggheads” like Lenny Hochstein. I’m howling. Kiki even gave Andy a reading of his head shape and deducted that he’s pretty wild. All I know is that Kiki’s reunion debut solidifies the fact that she needs a mojito in her hand next season. Peacock, make it happen.

Adriana And Alexia Are A Lost Cause

Alexia headed into the episode hot. Rather than apologizing to Lisa Hochstein for insinuating she got cheated on because she’s not a “star,” Alexia did damage control. She shifted her focus to getting Julia Lemigova to accept her apology for making the tone-deaf statement about Russian sex workers. As Nicole so perfectly put it, Alexia had no choice but to apologize unless she wanted to get canceled. Alexia headed to Julia’s dressing room to unpack what had happened.

Since they’re besties, Adriana and Julia basically share a dressing room so she heard the conversation play out. The result was a massive fight between Adriana and Alexia in the dressing room. Both ladies brought up skeletons from their past and Alexia burst into tears. She called Adriana a narcissist, the devil, and a “fake blonde” who wants to be like Alexia and Marysol Patton. Dios mio. Alexia and Adriana haven’t even had a chance to unpack their issues on the reunion stage fully and it already looks like any chance at reconciliation is a lost cause.

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Julia Tries To Enlighten Her Friends

Julia went into this reunion very calmly. She’s forthcoming by admitting that Martina Navratilova’s double cancer diagnosis has caused her to reshift her perspectives on life. It’s why she tried to get Alexia and Adriana to realize that in the grand scheme of things, their fights are petty. “Maybe we should be a little bit kinder to each other,” Julia whispered to Alexia. It’s a beautiful sentiment but falls on deaf ears with Alexia.

Julia kept this aura about her for the entire second part of the reunion. She heartbreakingly tells the fans that since Martina’s diagnosis, the adoption process has been put on hold. It’s clearly so much sadness for Julia to deal with at once. But it does seem like Julia and Martina’s relationship is stronger than ever. Julia talked about Martina having fun at BravoCon by watching her wife be the star of the show for a change. She also talked about future plans of indulging Martina’s interests, like ski trips to Aspen and dinner for two. Martina’s cancer is truly such terrible news, but it seems like she has amazing support by her side with Julia and vice versa.

Andy Goes Off On Larsa

Larsa seriously said too many ridiculous things in one RHOM episode to unpack them all. She talked about her relationship with Marcus Jordan and claimed that she and Scottie Pippen still haven’t spoken about the unusual dynamics of her new relationship. Larsa also claimed she had sex four times a night for 23 years of her marriage, which is something I didn’t ask to know. So, now we’re all privy to this cringy information. Larsa claimed that she never knew Marcus until he was an adult and says that their families get along fine. She’s shy when mentioning whether or not she’s been hanging around Marcus’ dad since they started dating, which seems like a big yes. The most ridiculous part is when Andy suggests that if they get married if Larsa would change her last name to Jordan-Pippen. What in the world is going on here?

Larsa also had to face all of the messy rumors she spread this season. Andy boiled it down to the idea that Larsa weaponized information about her friends for her personal gain. Larsa said she just likes to win and people shouldn’t poke the bear, but her delivery makes the sentiment even worse. The most egregious statement she made is about Nicole. She claimed that Nicole, who is an anesthesiologist, doesn’t have a real job. To make matters worse, since Nicole dresses sexy and talks about sex in public, Larsa believes that Nicole is unprofessional. OK, Miss OnlyFans. Larsa and Nicole are screaming over each other which causes Andy to raise his voice to get things back on track. When the comment Larsa made about Anthony Lopez having a kid out of wedlock arises, Andy really forgets he’s hosting for a moment. “It’s an asshole thing to say,” Andy says directly at Larsa. You can say that again. Larsa exhibiting asshole behavior is the understatement of Season 5.

Lisa Is Still Learning Lenny’s Secrets

Lisa and Larsa’s fight about Lisa having a mortgage was also a topic of conversation. Andy dubs the fight one of the “stupidest” of all time, which is absolutely correct. The conversation transitions into Lisa admitting that she and Lenny would rent out their home sometimes for parties. She denied it before to protect Lenny before she knew he had a whole secret girlfriend on the side. Loser.

Lisa also faced questions about hosting a Halloween party with Lenny after the season wrapped. She claimed she had no choice because Lenny’s world revolves around the 600-person party at their house, which prompts more questions than answers. Kiki dropped a major bomb at the end of the episode that she used to attend Lenny and Lisa’s parties prior to developing a friendship with them. As a model, she would get invited by promoters, etc. to the Hochstein House. “I’ve heard he’s been a cheater for a long time,” Kiki said. She even claimed to know some of the models he has cheated on Lisa with. It’s the episode cliffhanger that we need to hear more about. Also, it only proves my point that the only thing RHOM is missing is wayyy more Kiki.


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