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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Alexia Echevarria’s Falling Star

Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 sadly is coming to an end. The silver lining about the culmination of one of the best Real Housewives seasons in recent history is that we get a three-part reunion to unpack it all. The ladies show up and show out with the fashions to the gold-plated reunion. While they look like a million bucks, some of their behavior definitely isn’t AmEx quality.

Andy Cohen has a lot to unpack at this reunion. Lisa Hochstein probably could have had a whole segment just about her divorce from Lenny Hochstein. Alexia Echevarria particularly stands out in part one, but not because she’s exhibiting star-like behavior. Here are five of the main takeaways from Part 1 of the RHOM Season 5 reunion.

Alexia’s Falling Star

Alexia heads into the reunion with a sour attitude, especially about anything related to Adriana De Moura. Well, maybe not her song — we know the Cuban Barbie is a major “Fyah” fan. Alexia has a lot of explaining to do for her behavior this season, from her horrible comment about Russian prostitutes to Julia Lemigova to her infamous “star” comment. Guerdy Abrabria is particularly done with Alexia going around acting like everyone is jealous of her life. “I think all of you resent the fact that I’m resilient,” Alexia blurts out. Girl, on what planet? She also says that Guerdy is difficult to work with and accuses her of “castrating” her husband. It’s barely even clear what Alexia is fighting for at some points.

Alexia also gets crucified for her double standards about apologizing. She expects everyone to “suck her toes” whenever they cross her, in the words of Nicole Martin. Yet, she’s always hesitant to apologize for her own wrongdoings. She goes low several times during the reunion. When Adriana exposes texts that reveal Alexia tried to hook her up with a married man, Alexia starts yelling about the father of Adriana’s son. If the tables were turned, Alexia would’ve gone Brolexia on everyone on that stage.

The worst part is at the end when Alexia is defending her “I’m a star” comment because she believes self-confidence is important. She has the nerve to look at Lisa and say that if she believed that she was a star, she wouldn’t have “let” Lenny treat her the way he did. Is she trying to get popped? It’s the cliffhanger of the episode, but it’s not helping Brolexia get any more defenders on her team besides Marysol Patton.

Larsa Keeps Her Messy Boots On

Larsa Pippen shows up to the reunion stressed out. Maybe it’s because she finally let Marcus Jordan be seen on camera after still protesting that they’re just “friends.” Larsa should be worried going into it— she played a messy game this season. It only seems right that she continue that behavior in the reunion, and boy did she embrace that strategy. She calls Adriana a bird with a big mouth out of nowhere. Later, she reenacts the way Lenny’s girlfriend licked her lips at Lisa earlier in the season to Andy’s amusement. A goofy Larsa does tickle me sometimes.

But then she quickly gets messy. She goes after Dr. Nicole for wanting her father to apologize to her as if Larsa has any stake in this longstanding family drama. Nicole literally starts crying at one point because Larsa just keeps telling her she’s belittling her father. Larsa seems to be so much on Nicole’s dad’s side of the argument because he, like herself, is also in a relationship with a large age gap. It’s very on-brand for her. Larsa inserts herself into everyone’s drama. She accuses Adriana of renting men to bring on the show and repeatedly screams at Nicole for judging her. No wonder Andy is eventually going to lose his cool with her at some point during the reunion. Larsa’s on her worst behavior and she doesn’t care who knows it.

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Lisa and Lenny’s Near Reunion Showdown

Lisa shows up to the reunion in black to mourn the death of her marriage with Lenny. She brings her hot new boyfriend to support her and is glowing more than ever. One of the most shocking parts of the episode is when Andy reveals that Lisa approved for Bravo to invite Lenny to the reunion. She thinks it might be helpful for the two to sit down with a moderator and give both sides of the story. To no surprise, Dr. Lenny denies the invitation. He would rather just act out in the tabloids and on social media than actually face the mother of his kids.

Larsa drops one bomb during the reunion — Lisa walked in on Lenny in the hot tub with his new girlfriend a few years ago. So the signs were there. Lisa was just ignoring them. Otherwise, things are the same in Lisa and Lenny’s world. They still aren’t communicating and Lisa’s relationship with his mom is strained. She did finally move on and refuses to ever get back with Dr. Loser, which was refreshing to hear. Lenny is Miami’s least eligible bachelor. That’s one major takeaway from the season.

In general, Lisa is very likable at the reunion. When Adriana pulls out the textbook definition of a narcissist, she’s mentally taking notes and admits it sounds just like Lenny. She also calls out all of her co-stars for being “embarrassing” at Alexia’s event with the lawyer that was supposed to help her but turned into a classic RHOM brawl. Hopefully, Lisa continues on this path of growth and we see a brighter Season 6 from her.

Dr. Nicole Came To Slay

It only feels right to take a moment to appreciate the ascent of Dr. Nicole this season. She’s become one of the most likable RHOM ladies and one I’d like to hang out with in real life. She talks at the reunion about her over-the-top life with Anthony Lopez and it’s just giving old-school Housewives fabulousness. It’s funny how Larsa and Alexia are so clearly bothered by Nicole’s life when she couldn’t care less. They’re mad that Anthony would give Nicole a hall pass for John Mayer and their men probably would not.

The segment about Nicole’s father is important, although it was crashed by the aforementioned peanut gallery. Nicole’s statement about setting boundaries with family members probably resonates with a lot of people watching. She also admits that without the show, she probably would’ve gone the rest of her life without fixing things with her dad. Now, they’re continuing therapy and growing, which is beautiful to hear. I want to continue to watch Dr. Nicole’s journey, especially if she keeps taking shots and throwing around her AmEx card.

Andy’s Patience Fades Quickly

As previously mentioned, we know that Andy is going to freak out at Larsa at some point. It doesn’t happen in part one, but it’s easy to see his patience fade almost immediately. He starts off the episode mesmerized by the beauty of the RHOM cast, even saying that he wishes he was straight. It’s all downhill from there.

Andy is not steering the ship at this reunion. Marysol and Adriana’s entrance featuring that stupid bedazzled microphone seems half staged, half them just busting onto the scene as they please. Alexia is one person who keeps talking over Andy. She tries to say that she deserves to speak because every segment is about her, which is just hilarious. He has to explain to Alexia that a reunion is a dialogue between taking deep, calming breaths. Andy says he related to Alexia’s lawyer friend who tried to mediate a conversation with the girls and failed miserably. Thankfully when it comes to the reunion, we’re just getting started.


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