Tyra Banks Dancing With the Stars

Tyra Banks Reacts To Julianne Hough Replacing Her As Host On Dancing With The Stars

Our long national nightmare is over, my friends. We will once again be able to tune into our favorite dance show, Dancing with the Stars without first enduring a 15-minute interlude on how awesome Tyra Banks thinks she is.

After firing Tom Bergeron, (excellent at this job,) and a master at live television, DWTS executives decided to bring in Tyra to host the show. No one knew why Tyra was there. We still don’t know why Tyra was there. The important thing to note is, Tyra is no longer there.

Former pro dancer Julianne Hough stepped in and she will now co-host the fantastical contest along with Alfonso Ribeiro. Surely you must be wondering what Tyra thinks about this adjustment that left her without a check. According to Us Weekly, she’s totally cool with it. Because of course she is.

Tyra said, “The businesswoman in me sees how Julianne is great on multiple levels. She’s a professional dancer. She is the sister of Derek [Hough], a DWTS multi-champion, who is now a stellar judge.” And it begs the question of how Tyra nailed the hosting gig in the first place.

She added, “It’s going to be a family affair in that ballroom which people will love to watch. And she has so much personality and strong opinions backed by expertise. She’s a perfect choice! She’s gonna crush it!” If Tyra was expecting an argument, she isn’t getting one from moi.

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Earlier this month Tyra revealed she has been shown the door is moving on from DWTS. Fans of the show received the good news that Julianne is coming in and will not require a full runway catwalk prior to the show’s taping.

A source explained, “Tyra is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to amplify her platform, expand her brand and she always knows the right time to do it — it’s part of her decades-long success.” I’m not sure hosting is in Tyra’s wheelhouse. A host is effectively a mouthpiece to keep viewers entertained and informed about the exciting things coming up next. I think Tyra only wanted people to be excited and entertained by her smoky eye and unusual gowns.

The insider who may or may not be a close relative of Tyra’s added, “Remember, she walked away from the runway to pursue hosting and executive producing. And today, her ice cream business is doing extremely well and she’s excited to focus on being an even stronger entrepreneur and launching new entertainment ventures.” There’s… an ice cream business?

The praise wasn’t over, “Tyra is an innovator and a visionary so creating things from scratch is her super power. She craves spaces and places that have room for expansion and big, new ideas.” Might have gone a little overboard Mr. PR person- Reel it in buddy.

Tyra will miss her salary time and a few other things on DWTS. She shared, “I loved walking out every week in over-the-top outfits to such a hyped ballroom. Seeing Derek Hough dance in person was such a treat.” Tyra will also miss Carrie Ann Inaba’s “kindness and warm heart.”

She included, “Of course reminiscing with Alfonso about the good ole Fresh Prince days.” Yes, what joy they had chatting about the last time Tyra had a part in a sitcom 30 years ago. How quickly time flies!

If you think you might miss seeing TyTy on a weekly basis, have no fear. The source said, “Tyra so enjoyed her time doing DWTS and working with everyone involved, from production to network execs, to the cast, fans, and of course, Alfonso.” What is this? No personal shout-out to Bruno Tonioli? How rude!

Tyra has a really strong working relationship with ABC and has upcoming projects in the works with the network.” So don’t worry guys, it sounds like Tyra will be camped outside the offices of ABC until they get her another job. See you soon, Tyra!


[Photo Credit: ABC/Adrienne Raquel]