Denise Richards

Denise Richards Confirms Her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Return; Says “I Have Filmed Some Episodes”

I’m screaming Bravo, Bravo, f—ing Bravo. Denise Richards is officially back for the newest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season. 

“I have filmed some episodes,” the reality star told Variety, as reported by Page Six. “And it’s been fun. And you know, I’m a big fan of the show, so it was fun to go back and film a lot of stuff with them.”

Denise didn’t exactly plan her big Bravo return. As we know, she is good friends with current cast member Garcelle Beauvais. In fact, Garcelle’s introduction came by way of Denise. The actress said she went to an event they were filming to support her friend. 

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“This all just happened recently on the spur of the moment,” she said. “I was at her screening as a friend — like a real friend — I didn’t tell anyone I was gonna be there. Production didn’t know. I just showed up, like, for real life, as a real friend in real life.”

After her surprise appearance, RHOBH’s production company tapped the former star to make future appearances throughout the season. “The next day, I was asked to go to some events — and so it’s been actually fun,” she said. 

Denise’s Real Housewives departure came when she was put on trial by Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville. After being accused of sleeping with Brandi by half the cast, Denise said it was time to bounce

“When I left after my second season, I just felt as though some of the women were very toxic and they played so dirty,” she explained. “I understand there has to be drama, but I also think it’s fun to see women having fun, especially this age group.”

Previous reports claim Denise gave Bravo an ultimatum before she left the series in 2020. Then, she didn’t want to film with Lisa after her bogus behavior. But Rinna’s firing ahead of Season 13 cleared space for former, less problematic, Housewives to return

As far as the drama in Beverly Hills goes, Denise said she isn’t focusing on that. Instead, she’s taking it day by day. “Just be yourselves. You get a group of six to eight [to] 10 women together, your drama will come up, authentically. Leave it at that and have fun with it,” she said. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]