Denise Richards Felt Like “The Target” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills did fans a disservice when they spent an entire season on a storyline pushed by Brandi Glanville. The ex housewife certainly didn’t mind a cameo on the show she was let go from years ago. All to spread a rumor about current cast member, Denise Richards. Egged on by Kim Richards, Brandi sat down with Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. She claimed she and Denise hooked up sexually.

The scene was suspicious from the go, but Kyle and Teddi ate it up. And continued to harass Denise about it for the rest of the season, along with the rest of the cast. Denise rightly peaced out of the show after two seasons. And left a cast of grown women to smugly assume that they were right about a piece of gossip supplied to them by Brandi. The same Brandi who stirs the pot more off of RHOBH than many current housewives.

Now Denise is opening up about the relationships with her castmates during her time on the show. As reported by toofab, Denise appeared on Jeff Lewis’ Sirius XM podcast to discuss. Things first started to go downhill when Denise hosted a party at her house for the cast. Denise’s daughter and some of her friends were also present. They were sitting at another table when a spicy conversation came up amongst the adults. They started talking about threesomes. Which Denise understandably didn’t want discussed in front of a group of teenagers.

Denise admitted it “was odd” and felt “set up.” She explained, “It was in the beginning of the season and they kept bringing it up and they were making such an issue out of it.” Denise added, “The thing is, if you put a bunch of women together and you really start asking questions and getting to know each other, drama will come out of it. You don’t have to make s— up.”


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The point of contention amongst her castmates was that Denise was being a hypocrite. Because Denise had been so open about her sex life during her first season, they didn’t expect her to shut down such a conversation. But Garcelle Beauvais seemed to be the only one who understood the difference here. Garcelle acknowledged in a confessional that Denise being sexual in front of grown women is different than being sexual in front of her kids.

Denise was also chastised for leaving dinner parties with the cast early. Denise pointed out that “a lot of women leave the dinner table after a certain point” and she wasn’t the only one. She explained that it got frustrating to a long dinner with the woman beating the same topic to death. Said Denise, “You’re like, ‘I have nothing else to say about this s—, you can either move on from it or not.”

While Denise confessed that she enjoyed her first season, not so much for season 2. She felt like “the target” of the other women at “every single dinner.” She revealed, “I told the women, ‘You guys gotta ease up because it’s not gonna look good for you girls. Why do you have to be so mean?’ They were very aggressive the whole season. It’s like they pick one person each season and go after them and that season, it was me.”

When it came to her famous  “Bravo, Bravo, f—ing Bravo moment” in Rome, Denise had to clarify. She said there was a lot more than went down behind the scenes. Denise disclosed, “When I sat down to that dinner, I was dealing with some stuff with my children and they started to go at me. This was before I heard what Teddi said about Brandi. Prior to that, they were already starting in.”


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Denise continued, “I was like, ‘I can’t do another f—ing dinner dealing with this s—.’ I blurted out what I was dealing with and said, ‘Bravo, Bravo, f—ing Bravo,’ because I was told to do that from Kyle and [Lisa] Rinna — whether they want to admit it or not, I don’t care — that if you say something about your kids, to do that and Bravo won’t air it.” She further explained, “So at that dinner I said something I shouldn’t have about my family.”

Denise shared, “It was a very difficult season, from Day 1, because I felt like I couldn’t even be myself, I had surgery during the Season, I didn’t feel good, I was in pain a lot but I did show up. During those dinners I would leave, it was after a certain point. I think they wanted me to fight and I’m not gonna fight about certain things.”


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Finally, Denise wants to clear up the rumor that she had a $4 million contract to appear on the show. She clarified, “They don’t pay a lot of money, so I did not get $4 million.” Denise joined because she “thought it’d be fun.” And because of Lisa, “who I was friends with, not anymore.” Denise concluded, “I thought, this would be fun, she has a good time. My first season, I did, I did enjoy. That part was fun.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]