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Jackie Goldschneider Says Danielle Cabral Wanted To Be ‘Center of Attention’ on Dublin Trip

One thing about the Real Housewives of New Jersey is that they will surely give us an entertaining cast trip. Whether across the country to Nashville or around the world to Turkey, the ladies from the garden state always succeed in delivering drama. 

This season, new Housewife Danielle Cabral has been at odds with Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, and friend of the show, Jackie Goldschneider. After sharing how her relationship with her brother is eerily similar to Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga’s family structure, Danielle couldn’t help but get emotional. However, she isn’t gaining sympathy from the other side in this group, in fact, a few of the ladies had some pretty interesting things to say. 

Jackie says Danielle wanted to make the Ireland trip about her

On the RHONJ After Show, Danielle noted how exhausted she was after being put on trial by Margaret and Jackie throughout the season. For some reason, both believe Danielle owes them an explanation about the complexities of the falling out with her brother. During one part of the trip, she cried while the ladies were grubbing on lunch because Melissa Gorga and Teresa’s feud stirred up so much emotion in her.  

On the other hand, Jackie, who has been coming for Danielle all season long, isn’t buying it. “Danielle wasn’t the center of attention on the trip, and I think that bothered her,” she said. 

It’s odd how Merriam-Webster can come to that conclusion after Danielle mentioned the similarities of her situation, how it impacts her, and her hopes for the Giudices and Gorgas moving forward. Yet, they’re trying to turn her into the bad guy. Even if she was trying to steal the spotlight, she’s a full-time cast member, unlike Jackie, so viewers and production have a personal interest in her story. Maybe she forgot how this works since she was delegated to the background this season. 

Margaret, on the other hand, also took shots at Danielle. Nevertheless, we’ve come to expect this as viewers since she doesn’t want the focus to be on her several lawsuits, unfinished house, and whatever other mess she has going on in Englewood, New Jersey. 

“Everybody’s familial break-ups and problems aren’t about you and your brother. Everything is not about you, I’m sorry — that’s about them,” she said. “It’s like, Jesus Christ, talk about wanting to make yourself the center of attention.” 

I guess wanting to connect with your friends on a deeper level while offering some advice from someone living it first-hand is too much in this group. Frankly, if I were Jackie and Margaret, I’d listen closely, especially since they both have fractured relationships with members of their families. 

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