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Jacqueline Laurita Defends Teresa Giudice Against Melissa and Joe Gorga

The cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey always keeps us on our toes. One minute, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga are talking cash money trash about their sister Teresa Giudice, and the next day, they want to make peace. It’s weird energy, and quite frankly, their dynamic never made sense in the first place. 

Teresa has been a mainstay on HER show since the beginning. The Gorgas came on (behind her back, might I add), only to snag a spot on one of Bravo’s hottest shows and to collect a check. They didn’t care who they hurt, even if it was their own family. 

Back then, Teresa was known to turn up a time or two on her co-stars. Today, fans see Teresa in a much different light. However, she’s still that girl to her core. Of course, some of her most memorable feuds are with her sister and brother, while the others are with former Housewife Jacqueline Laurita

Their falling out was messy, it was dramatic, and it was explosive. When Jacqueline returned briefly in Season 7, it was one of the rare moments where Tre and MelGo were actually getting along. But of course, when they fell out again, the loyalty was gone with the wind. Now that Jacqueline is off the show, she’s had time to heal and eventually made up with Teresa a few months ago. Since then, she’s been exposing the Gorgas left and right, and at this rate, I’m more than here for whatever tea she’s willing to spill.

Jacqueline says Melissa was jealous of her friendship with Teresa

During her recent interview on David Yontef’s Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Jacqueline revealed some interesting tea about Melissa some fans weren’t aware of. Apparently, when Mel was new to the show, she tried her hardest to turn Jacqueline and Tre against each other. 

“[Melissa] started getting weird … Melissa was telling me how much [Teresa] hated me, but yet Teresa was nice to my face … I didn’t know what was true and what was not,” she said. “She’s like, ‘Jacqueline, don’t trust it. She hates your guts.’”

According to Jacqueline, she never had an issue with Teresa and Melissa’s relationship. After all, they are family, and assuming (in the beginning) they’d be against each other would be silly. In her eyes, Melissa was the one green with envy. I guess it’s a suitable quality because it complements her charming little boutique. 

“She was the one jealous that producers were trying to push a friendship between Teresa and I, but she went on and tried to change the narrative on camera, which was upsetting,” she continued. 

Her frustration with Melissa is understandable because she was one of the only cast members trying to bridge the gap between Teresa and her family. “I always told Teresa, and I always told Melissa to fake it on camera for them for their family’s sake. I always said, ‘Listen, fake it till you make it. Don’t fight with each other on camera.” 

Throughout the run of RHONJ, viewers have seen Teresa try to make peace with her family countless times. Jacqueline revealed that even though Tre’s attempts were sincere, Melissa and Joe were always looking to make a moment. 

“They always wanted to be famous,” she said. “They act for the cameras. They’re very aware of the cameras.”

Jacqueline’s latest revelations certainly make me look at the Gorgas in a different light. I mean, I’ve always thought they were pretty phony, but when it comes from a former cast member who has seen it all first-hand … maybe there’s some truth to it. 

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