David Beador, Shannon Beador
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Lesley Beador Files Restraining Order Against David Beador for ‘Harassment and Hostile Behavior’

Now we might know why David Beador was chilling out at The Quiet Woman. Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Storms Beador isn’t in the hot seat, but her ex seems to be feeling some heat.

Shannon and David recently had an impromptu run-in at Shannon’s favorite eatery. David was in a pretty good mood and the two even posed for a happy photo. Shan did ask after David’s wife, Lesley Beador, but he just said she was hanging out at home.

Welp, Dave left out some pretty important info there. He and Lesley are getting divorced, and now she’s filed a restraining order against him. Oh my. Radar has the details.

David has his own TRO

Things have turned ugly (again) between David and Lesley. They almost cut the cord of love back in September 2022, but ultimately decided to reconcile. Now there might be no turning back from this one.

Lesley now demands David undergo a psychiatric evaluation and submit to a drug test. Court documents state Lesley filed a petition requesting David remain 100 yards away from her AND their 2-year-old child.

David was accused of getting handsy with Lesley’s mother earlier this year in February. The legal papers state, “Mr. Beador begged my mother not to press charges or get a restraining order so she did not do so. My mother sometimes stays with me to watch Anna [Beador] in my home and Mr. Beador has expressed that he ‘hates her.’ He has called my mother derogatory names and called her fat many times both to my mother and to me.”

Sheesh, I’ve heard of not liking your mother-in-law, but that seems a bit much. Furthermore, “I believe my mother is in great bodily harm and is continually harassed by Mr. Beador,” Lesley said.

The mess gets messier

According to Lesley, David has “called my children derogatory names, has yelled in their faces, and has kicked them out of our marital home many times.” She requested the court to order David to move from their Laguna Beach mansion immediately. She’s also asking for monthly child support as well as spousal support. Sounds like David is going to have to get a second job.

Lesley apparently fears for her safety and mentioned David has three rifles, but isn’t aware of their location. After David filed for divorce again at the end of May, Lesley advised they reached a deal where she would move from the Laguna Beach spot in exchange for $40k to find a new house. The estranged couple also chose to share joint legal and physical custody of their daughter.

Unfortunately, that didn’t go very well and Lesley feels David is playing games with her. She said, “Despite exchanges being at the Laguna Beach Police Department, David presents as erratic, volatile, angry, hostile, uncooperative, shaky, threatening, and not of sound mind.” She wants primary custody and David to only have supervised visits. David admits to no wrongdoing and filed his own restraining order.

Both requests for a TRO were granted until a hearing in September. Ugh, what a mess.

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