Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas
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Everything That Makes Luis Ruelas Seem So Sketchy

Where to begin with Luis Ruelas‘ red flags? After a tough divorce and a stint behind bars, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were rooting for Teresa Giudice to find happiness. But it’s clear her second husband Luis (aka “Louie”) is more Rumplestiltskin than Prince Charming. After his most recent behavior, rumors spread that the marriage is in trouble. Teresa may insist that’s not true, but there’s no denying the many things about Luis that set off alarm bells. Let’s take a look at Luis Ruelas’ sketchy behavior.

The Video


Luis’ red flags really took center stage this season. But no one can forget the extremely bizarre video discovered last year, much as they probably want to. To start, it was taken when Luis attended a “warrior camp” for men. I don’t know exactly what that entails, but I imagine there’s a lot of recreating the chest bumping scene from Wolf Of Wall Street. Luis loved it so much, he kept trying to recruit future brother-in-law Joe Gorga (Joe declined).

The video shows Luis surrounded by shirtless men he calls “brothers,” speaking directly to his ex. It honestly needs to be seen to be believed. He spends the awkward minute-long clip pleading with his ex, promising to marry her and bring their family together. He says “thank you for your time,” like it’s a business meeting? An unseen “brother” yells at him to speak from his heart, not his brain? The only man wearing a shirt is referred to as Coach Kevin?

Obviously, everyone was shocked by the video. At the time, Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, hoped it was just an embarrassing moment from his past. But as viewers would soon learn, Luis’ past was much, much darker.

The Baggage To End All Baggage

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas
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Sure, Teresa had her own baggage entering the new relationship. But there’s baggage, and then there’s…whatever Luis had. The many stories and allegations dating back to 2010 are alarming, to say the least.

The disturbing allegations of abuse from his ex-wife Marisa DiMartino span years. In 2012, she filed a police report accusing him of domestic violence. The report claimed it occurred right in front of their son. Even once they got divorced, his alleged cruelty didn’t stop. In 2016, yet another police report described nightmare co-parenting of their two sons.

Marisa wasn’t the only ex to accuse him of abusive behavior. His two ex-fiancés had startlingly similar recollections of his rage, especially when denied sex. One of those ex-fiancés, Vanessa Reiser, recently filed a restraining order.

Outside of his relationships, he was also charged for road rage. Viewers have seen him become red-faced with anger very often. Even without the knowledge of his past, that level of rage is undeniably scary.

The Love Bomb Bubble

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If Luis’ past wasn’t already extremely concerning, his relationship with Teresa showed he hadn’t changed. What became known as the “love bubble” stage of their romance seemed more like love bombing. Especially since Teresa went from insisting she wanted to take things slow to getting engaged and married very fast.

As anyone aware of the table flip already knows, Teresa has always been fiery. But in her relationship with Luis, she appears completely passive. He seems to want control, cutting her off from other important people in her life.

For instance, she’s had tension with her brother and sister-in-law for many years. But her marriage to Luis seems to have irrevocably destroyed that relationship, as they both skipped her wedding. Joe has called out his alleged history of violence towards women, while Melissa had deemed him manipulative. By severing ties with her family, Luis is effectively isolating Teresa.

“I wear your father’s pajamas at night”


With the tension between them as thick as could be, Luis tried to win over Joe Gorga. “I’m a good man,” he insisted, “I live with your four nieces. I wear your father’s pajamas at night to make them feel safe and loving.”

This tribute (if you can call it that) to Nonno is one of the most shocking RHONJ quotes, which is really saying something. Since this unforgettable moment, Joe has taken to calling Luis a “moron pajama boy.” At the explosive reunion, Luis tried to claim the pajamas weren’t actually worn by Nonno, as if that somehow makes the comment less bizarre.

What Is His Business?

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There’s a lot about Luis’ financial history that makes Teresa’s decision not to sign a prenup incredibly concerning. And not just the fake jewelry he gave as Christmas gifts.

After all, the accusations surrounding Luis don’t just come from his former romantic partners. Luis Ruelas’ sketchy behavior can be seen in his business dealings. His business, Digital Media Solutions, was served with a lawsuit over alleged harassment. And another company, Produce Depot, was also sued, which lead them to file for bankruptcy.

If Digital Media Solutions sounds like a very generic name for a business, well, that may be by design. And if you’re confused by the produce company, you’re not alone. No one seems entirely sure what Luis actually does for a living, or what this business was really about. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something sketchy, but when there’s smoke, there’s fire…and Luis appears to have smoke coming right out of his ears.

Bo Dietl

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Bo Dietl, the private eye Luis claimed to use in the RHONJ Season 13 finale has an…interesting resume. He seems connected to sketchy people already, and as they say, you (Luis) are the company you keep. But even if he hadn’t named dropped Bo specifically, Luis hiring a PI to investigate his wife’s co-stars is a very sketchy move.

Luis probably realized this, hence why he then tried to deny it, blaming the comments on his extremely concerning temper. Especially considering all the skeletons in his closet! And speaking of those, remember the TRO filed by Vanessa? It was over her claims that Luis used Bo’s services to stalk her.

The Way He Treats Women

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Even if the disturbing accusations from his exes weren’t on public record, it’s very, very clear that Luis has many problems with women. This has been shown time and time again in his treatment of Teresa’s co-stars.

As former Housewife Teddi Mellencamp said, his sketchy and aggressive behavior separates him from love-to-hate villains of Bravo shows past. Instead of being entertaining, it’s just plain scary. Especially since he’s now stepfather to four young women who have already been through quite a lot.