Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice at the D'Amelio Footwear Launch Party held at Eden Sunset on May 18, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

Vanessa Reiser’s Attorney Breaks Down Restraining Order Against Luis Ruelas

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice bagged a real winner when she hooked up with Luis Ruelas. If she had only let him go when his nudie video resurfaced, we wouldn’t be here now.

Luis has faced a lot of speculation about his businesses. There have also been some questions about his motives. Recently Luis has been under the gun for allegedly lying about hiring a private detective to investigate Tre’s co-stars. But the RHONJ crew aren’t the only ones wondering about Luis. His ex-fiancée filed a restraining order against him for stalking. Now Vanessa Reiser’s lawyer breaks down the docs. Us Weekly has the details.

Bo Dietl is back in the chat

After a sketchy female patient seemingly came to Vanessa’s office to receive mental health care, the therapist claims she was a plant by Luis. Her attorney advised, “The allegation is that [Luis] hired Richard ‘Bo’ Dietle’s [sic] private investigation company to place his documented employee ‘Elaine Boxer’ as a fraudulent undercover covert plant using the fake name ‘Elana Berkelhammer’ to stalk, harass and otherwise appear as a ‘patient’ of my client under false pretenses.”

That would be the equivalent of approximately a lifetime of red flags right there. But he’s not done. According to the lawyer, “Elaine Boxer” saw Vanessa “three or four times” while she was a patient, and she “strangely” inquired about her prior associations with Luis. The protective order was ultimately requested out of fear and was purportedly declared “confidential” by the court.

He continued, “The manner in which [Luis] went about fraudulently invading her profession raises the level of fear in that, even with prior Civil Restraint Orders/ Agreements in place that codify that he and she are mutually not to have this type of conduct to or against each other, he seemingly acts with contempt of same.”

Additionally, “This has got to stop. So that we are clear, it is a 100 percent documented evidentiary fact that the woman who faked being a patient of my client for several sessions was, at that time, in February of 2023, an employee of Dietle [sic].”

It’s not looking great for Luis …

And that’s not all, folks. “The only question is whether or not it is reasonable to suspect the defendant hired Dietle [sic] for this purpose. We believe it is a reasonable conclusion based on the facts, the history, that ‘the defendant’ was all that the covert spy wanted to discuss and that the defendant himself has professed publicly that he is close with Dietle [sic] and hired him to do investigative work for him. Dietle [sic] stated he was not hired to investigate ‘cast members’ but would not confirm or deny that he was hired to place this plant in my client’s life.”

Then Vanessa’s camp really let Luis have it. “If Mr. Ruelas is a ‘man’s man’ as I believe him to be, he will fall on his own sword, save his friend’s reputation as a private investigator, protect this young female employee from having her credibility destroyed and admit he did this, give a legal, non-harassing reason why and have his lawyer communicate that to my office,” he said.

In conclusion, “I will then discuss it with my client and if it is reasonable, and she feels comfortable enough with the reason to allay her fears from this harassment and intimidation, even if she does not like that he did it, I will recommend that she dismiss the TRO and this matter can conclude peacefully for all parties.”

Holy cats, those are some fighting words! Stay tuned.

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