What We’d Like To See In Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga on Watch What Happens Live
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Bravo has confirmed that Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 is back in action. The camera crew has already picked up where the dramatic bunch of Garden State ladies left off.

Season 13 brought in two newcomers who were in high school when the franchise first premiered (ouch). However, the series also bringing back some familiar faces. However, some storylines were starting to smell like rotten fish, since they have gone stale after years of repetitive arguments. 

No More Family Feud

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One thing is for sure—viewers are exhausted by Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, and Teresa Giudice’s constant bickering. While their fights were once like watching the WWE, in recent years, each battle has been formed with the same motive. Teresa, who feels she is the queen bee, has tried to end her brother’s marriage, often calling out Melissa for being a gold digger or cheater. However, no real evidence ever surfaced.

Their constant fighting has led Melissa and Joe to pull away from the mother of four. They’ve said they can’t handle the toxicity. However, if the three adults were somehow to make amends with true forgiveness, this could be the plot twist fans are so desperately craving. To have a season where all three Bravo personalities actually got along would not only be interesting, it be downright scary. 

Bring Back Jackie

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During Season 13 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jackie Goldschneider was sidelined as a ‘friend of.’ But the latest season actually showed a much more interesting side of the writer. She didn’t hold back her opinions about newcomer Danielle Cabral, who she found incredibly annoying. Jackie had been a full-time housewife from Seasons 9 to 12, but she never really gave leading lady material until now.

However, Jackie not only stood up again to Teresa during Melissa’s beach party, but also let her voice be heard about how she believed Danielle was lying about her feud with her brother. Jackie’s hot take was more than welcome. It gave the season a fresh coat of paint and a break from Teresa’s ongoing drama. It would be nice to see Jackie back on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, better than ever, not only putting the ladies in their place but also talking about her eating disorder recovery. 

Wedding Bells for Dolores

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The muscle of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Catania, is in line for quite an upcoming season. For years, Dolores has been the close friend to Teresa but still was able to express her feelings. Almost everyone felt just a bit terrified of her when she lost her cool. The usually emotionally shut-off Dolores finally opened her heart during Season 13 and let someone in that wasn’t Frank Catania, though we all wished at one point it was.

Instead, Dolores introduced Paul Connell, an Irish native who happened to become Dolores’ pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. Now that Teresa’s Big Fat New Jersey wedding is behind us, it sure would be great to see Dolores get her moment. A camera-caught engagement would be the best, especially to see the mother of two’s reaction, since she hates being mushy. 

Louie Against the Other RHONJ Husbands

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Louie Ruelas made some extremely terrifying claims as his yogi mask of tranquility wore off during the Season 13 reunion. Throughout the last season, there were times were Louie started to lose his cool with the rest of the cast and began to word vomit. Not only did he call Joe “cancer,” but he also claimed to have hired a private detective to gather intel on the entire cast.

During the reunion, it was clear that Joe, Frank, and John Fuda were not happy with his antics. All of the house-husbands, except Bill Aydin, claimed they would not trust Louie again. Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 should have a showdown between the men so they can air their grievances. While there is no chance that Louie can redeem himself, it would be entertaining to see the overripe blueberry popping off. 

Jennifer Aydin Muzzled

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From day one, Jennifer Aydin has been a thorn in everyone’s side except Teresa’s. For the past six seasons, Jennifer has been Teresa’s loyal lap dog. However, her blind trust has made the Paramus mother out to be the butt of jokes.

In Season 14, it would be nice to either see Jennifer keep some thoughts to herself or have a massive falling out with Teresa. If that were to happen, Jen would be forced to actually befriend the other Jersey housewives, and she would most likely have to do a major apology tour.