Sonja Morgan Luann de Lesseps
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Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps on Crappie Lake and RHONY Legacy

Branching out of the Big Apple. Real Housewives of New York alums Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps made waves in their own spin off Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, set in Benton, Illinois.

Sonja and Luann evoke Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie in iconic series The Simple Life as they take on social projects to revitalize the town over a span of six weeks. Viewers can expect reality TV gold from the duo, with Sonja even managing a hook up or two in the process.

As such, the new reality TV power duo were asked to comment on their show as well as Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, which starred a bevy of former Real Housewives of New York cast members.

Luann and Sonja did everything they could to succeed with Crappie Lake projects

“I know we are so similar, we are both small town girls who get a little fancy, but we can get our hands dirty,” Sonja said of the tasks she and Luann had to complete on Crappie Lake. By contrast, for this interview, the duo were seated at the New York City Central Park Boathouse hosted by Entertainment Tonight for an exclusive interview.

“We get things done,” Sonja said of her partnership with Luann, something she doesn’t think any of their former cast mates could handle. “I really don’t think another Housewife could do it seriously. Think about it!”

“I think Dorinda,” Luann said of former cast mate Dorinda Medley.

“D by day or D by night?” Sonja joked. “Then D takes out the knives!” 

As for the renovation projects, the girls will make an impact. Sonja explained, “it’s a very small town.”

“We did build a whole playground, the jungle gym itself I think that thing was $140,000,” she added. “I’m like, who do I have to f*ck in this town to get a car? And who do I actually have to give a bl*wjob to, to get the jungle gym? Did I go out with that guy?”

Sonja finds admirers wherever she goes. And Benton was no exception. In fact, it took the former Mrs. Morgan a mere 48 hours to connect with a local.

“Let’s just say my reputation proceeds me,” Sonja joked. “When I went to the firehouse, they were like, ‘Oh! I don’t think we’ve met yet…'” 

As for Luann, Sonja said, “She didn’t get laid the whole time!”

Sonja had surgery before the trip

Luann responded by teasing Sonja for going under the knife before heading out to film.

“Who gets lipo before you go on a trip like this?” Luann said. “First of all, it’s a thousand degrees over there. It’s so hot! It’s the only place I know, after it rains, it’s hotter. I swear to god!”

The heat made recovery a lot more challenging. Sonja recalled Luann making her, “get out of my garment, because I have to wear a tight, tight garment, and I did 360 lipo, and I was so bloated like a blowfish – not a crappie fish!”

Besides avoiding a “testicle festival,” Sonja and Luann get up to a lot of mischief in between projects. However, they were able to be pampered a bit while filming Season 5 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in St. Barts.

How did the ladies get on with RHONY: Legacy?

Dorinda was on hand, as well as Kristen Taekman, and “Go to sleep!” Kelly Bensimon. Luann called the adventure, “Scary Island, part two.”  

Sonja was less than enthused about having Kelly on the trip. Luann confirmed that there was drama, once again.

“You know, when you put a group of women together like that, there’s always gonna be some drama and always gonna be some flirting with pirates,” Luann explained.

Tomas Ribiero, a.k.a. Luann’s pirate from RHONY Season 5, will make a virtual appearance as well.

As for the cast as a whole, it’s an evolution in progress. Now, the ladies are just trying to get a paid vacation out of their dealings with Bravo.

“I think the OG New York girls, who are globetrotters, need to go somewhere else,” Luann suggested. “We need to go somewhere else. Where do you want to go? Argentina, so we can dance with some Latin boys?”

Lu and Sonja want fans to give the RHONY newbies a chance

As for the Real Housewives of New York, Season 14 returns with a completely revamped cast. Luann and Sonja admit that they do not know any of the new ladies, but ask RHONY fans to give them a chance.

“Listen, we have been around for how many seasons, 13 seasons? And so the fans really know us, they know our lives,” Luann explained. “We have a history together. I think coming into a new show, and a new cast, it’s going to take people a little bit to warm up. So, give them a chance, because that’s how we started,  and we wish them luck … but, you know, they’re not OGs!”

“It’s going to take the viewers time to get to know them, because I know the reaction from the fans has been, ‘Oh we’re not going to watch!'” Sonja opined. “Just wait and see.”

Real Housewives of New York Season 14 begins Sunday, July 16 at 9/8c on Bravo. Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake continues Sundays at 10/9c on Bravo.