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Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval Can’t Avoid Filming Together for Pump Rules Season 11, Hints Producer

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are both currently filming Vanderpump Rules. Season 11 started hot and heavy after the Emmy-nominated Scandoval of it all in Season 10. One thing Ariana made very clear at the reunion, she wasn’t keen on hanging out with the formerly mustached burrowing invertebrate.

That said, Ari and Sandoval still live under the same roof. And despite Ariana’s wishes not to be on camera with her ex, a VPR producer says it may be unavoidable. The Hollywood Reporter has the details.

Smile for the camera!

Alex Baskin is out here on these streets working harder than Kris Jenner on his shows. While he tries to re-create the Scandoval success with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, VPR is still in it to win it.

According to Alex, “We’re sticking to our normal, pretty aggressive timeline as opposed to rushing back.” But getting the Pump Rules gang gathered after their friendships blew up wasn’t the easiest thing ever.

“The challenge is that there’s always a lot of business to be done before you get into production. Contractual negotiations. Things are still unsettled within the group whose lives we’re following. I’ve never headed into a season having less of a sense of where we’re going to be when we wrap in a few months,” Alex added.

Regarding folks who don’t want to film with each other, Alex isn’t bothered. “We always deal with pushback if different parties don’t want to shoot with each other because of strained relations,” he shared.

“Obviously, this is more extreme. But Ariana and Tom Sandoval, I would hasten to point out, they still live together. The idea that they wouldn’t shoot together is a little bit hard to digest. They’re in the same home,” the producer explained.

Alex did admit fans and social media have almost become whistle-blowers as the show grew in popularity. “There are a ton of outside influences and coverage of what we’re doing. The cast needs to focus and let all of that go because we don’t want to get to a place where we are covering the coverage of the show. We’d hoped that it would have died down, but there’s still a hysteria surrounding it.”

When will we see Season 11?

Despite the initial carnal fanfare of Scandoval dying down, Alex has mixed feelings about wrapping the next season before the end of 2023. “I’d love to take advantage of the moment, but it’s really intense to make these shows. The people involved, both in front of and behind the camera, need a little bit of time.”

Sounds like we’ll get them back sooner than later. “You just can’t be making and airing the show all the time. In six months, we’ll drop a new season. It’s good to make the audience miss you a little bit.”

Currently, most of the cast is filming in Lake Tahoe. Raquel Rachel Leviss is NOT there (yet) and both Ariana and Katie Maloney will reportedly show up eventually.