Matchmaking: Couples We’d Love To See From Across the Bravoverse

Gizelle Bryant
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Love is always in the air as new reality TV stars mean that there is a chance for new fun hookups. Bravo shows like the Real Housewives usually already have an established partner group, as most women are married or seriously dating. However, shows like Winter House or Southern Charm often have some extremely single members, which can sometimes include a make-out in the pantry or after-dark flirting. With worlds colliding thanks to multiple crossovers, it is fun to imagine who would be a good match if they ever got the chance to meet. These are the Bravo couples we’d love to see.

Brian Benni and Kathryn Dennis

Brian Benni/Instagram

Brian Benni is the breakout star of Family Karma thanks to his witty one-liners and ability to bring humor to most situations. The Miami native is a bit of a kid himself who seems to suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, but this could work in his favor if he and Kathryn Dennis were ever to date. The Southern Charm star hasn’t had the best luck with men, but Brian could be her knight in shining armor.

Kathryn has two children and is missing her support system in Charleston. But Brian comes from an extremely loving family who would be ready to take Kathryn in like their own daughter. Brian’s childlike personality would also be equipped to bond with Saint and Kensie. Both Bravo stars live on the East Coast, so the geography shouldn’t be a problem. 

Alex Propson and Lucy Edmunds

Alex Popson/Instagram

Let’s be honest here; the two Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars look good together. Both were highly intuitive on the boat and often lent an ear to their crew members to vent to. While Lucy Edmunds was often overlooked by the guys on the sailboat, the Welsh native has a lot to offer. She is a recent graduate from University, has a strong sense of family, and is well-traveled. Even though Alex Propson had a crush on Mads Herrera, it would have been nice to see him explore a relationship with the other stew.

Alex has agreed to sign on for the next season of Winter House and has already hinted that fans will get to see a different side of him. During his time as a deckhand, Alex kept his cool and didn’t rock the boat. However, a single Alex could wreak havoc on the cabin in Stowe, VT. We only need producers to ask Lucy to join so Cupid can get to work. 

Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron

Gizelle Bryant/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac star has been linked to the Winter House star a few times, but it didn’t seem like anything came of their friendship. Gizelle Bryant has dated intermittently since her divorce but again has not found the one. However, we believe Jason Cameron could be the guy to break down the mother of three’s walls. After going through a miscarriage with Lindsay Hubbard, Gizelle would have been a good shoulder to lean on for support.

Jason is also extremely kind and caring. Multiple times, cameras caught him whipping up a house breakfast or dinner. It is clear his love language is acts of service, which Gizelle would absolutely gush over. Even though there is a slight age difference, Jason is extremely mature with Gizelle, never minding an attractive younger man. 

Quad Webb and Amir Lancaster 

Quad Webb/Instagram

Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb is everything a strong woman should be. She is fierce, intelligent, loving, and so much more, which is why she and Amir Lancaster from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard would make such a good match. During her show’s seasons, Quad had no problem standing up for herself and living the life she truly wants. Fans met Amir during Season 1, and the Texan really won over viewers’ hearts. He, too, was looking for a deep connection with someone who wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with them.

Quad and Amir would have fireworks going off if they ever did get together, thanks to their internal drive to succeed. Both have Southern roots and understand what is expected from a Southern gentleman and Southern belle within society. Bottom line, Amir would treat Quad like the queen she is.