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Tom Schwartz ‘Needed a Break From Reality’ When He Joined Stars on Mars

Tom Schwartz is pretty much in no man’s land thanks to his relationship with Tom Sandoval. Rachel Raquel Leviss is also in no man’s land thanks to her relationship with Tom Sandoval. And Tom Sandoval is on an island alone wearing sequined bell bottoms and a smug expression thanks to being himself.

After the tumultuous Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules and the birth of Scandoval, Schwartz’s evident knowledge and cover-up of the affair did nothing for his already tarnished reputation. So when the reunion finally concluded, Schwartz hightailed it to another show, where hopefully no one would know who he was. According to Schwartz, he needed a break from reality.

You can run to Mars, but you can’t hide

Poor Schwartz required some relief his Xanax couldn’t provide, so he took a spot on a Fox competition program. Here Tom will be required to “live, eat, sleep, strategize and bond with” his fellow contestants. They will also live in “authentic conditions that simulate life on Mars.” Side note, Porsha Williams is also on board showing us how to survive in an environment lacking both oxygen and Fendi.

In the first episode, Tom shared, “So I chose to do this little Stars on Mars experiment [because] maybe ironically, I needed a break from reality, specifically my reality.”

Schwartz attempted to summarize Pump Rules to his co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse. “Our show is actually kind of a derivative of The Housewives. It’s Vanderpump Rules. It’s like people work and have sex with each other.”

While it’s a blunt assessment, it’s also fairly accurate. Tom probably made a good choice choosing to do a show outside of the Bravo realm. He’s appeared on both Summer House and Winter House, but after Scandoval, he’s probably safer on fake Mars.

Tom managed to escape being thrown off Stars on Mars for the first episode, but something tells me he won’t last very long. Stay tuned to see if Tom continues escaping from reality without using galaxy lights or Sandoval’s special tea.

Stars on Mars continues Mondays at 8 pm ET on Fox.