Real Housewives Who Go Overboard With Filters and Photoshop

Lisa Hochstein
(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

We live in a time where aging is looked down upon, especially for the women of the Real Housewives. Between Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps, there is a filter for almost any kind of look you want to obtain. However, more and more Bravo stars are trying to pass their real image off as one of the many filters they use, which not only sends a bad message to those who look up to them but also makes them look ridiculous when they try to deny using them. 

While it is nice to pretend that filters like Photoshop are only used on the surface level, it is becoming more and more normalized in our society. Studies via Harvard Business School have shown that “virtually modifying appearance can provoke anxiety, body dysmorphia, and sometimes even motivate people to seek cosmetic surgery.” It has always been fun to watch the lives of our favorite housewives, but it is not fun to try to remember their original faces all for the sake of selfie. 

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice/Instagram

The OG of Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of the worst offenders. Teresa Giudice has always been a beautiful woman who took pride in her body. She often showed herself working out in the earlier seasons and even entering a bodybuilding competition.

While Tre has already admitted to a few plastic surgeries and Botox, fans were ashamed of her for fine-tuning herself even more to the point where she looked completely morphed. In a nod to Barbie, who, by the way, wouldn’t be okay with changing who you are, the mother of four snapped a photo in a bright pink jumpsuit. 

While the picture was cute, fans couldn’t help but call out the Garden State housewife on her overly filtered image. One fan wrote in the comments, “If you think we believe you look this, you are not as bright as I thought. Stop with the mega filters.” The overly used face tune really just made Teresa look like a wax doll. While there is pressure to keep looking their best, Teresa is taking it too far

Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi/Instagram

While we haven’t been graced with Gretchen Rossi on our screens in a long time, she was once the belle of Real Housewives of Orange County, mainly due to her big blonde hair. There is no doubt that Gretchen goes way overboard with her filtering photos, thankfully leaving her daughter’s face untouched. And while Gretchen clapped back, noting everyone uses filters, fans aren’t buying what she is selling.

During an Instagram Live video, part of Gretchen’s nose kept disappearing due to a heavy filter. Fans also took aim at a Christmas photo that was heavily edited to the point where Gretchen no longer looked real. The constant use of filters just makes Gretchen look vain, which may be who she really is anyway. 

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes/Instagram

Never argue with NeNe Leakes when it comes to one of her looks, but some Real Housewives of Atlanta fans just couldn’t get past her recent embrace of everything filter. Since giving up her peach and leaving the franchise, fans have been begging NeNe to lay off the filters, since she is starting to look like a young child.

NeNe has been extremely open about her plastic surgeries, which have consisted of a nose job, a boob job, and liposuction. Yet, the mother of two still continues to use apps to alter her appearance. 

Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hoschstein/Instagram

We love Lisa Hochstein of Real Housewives of Miami, but we don’t love her constant heavy filter on her social media photos. Lisa has the entire tribe behind her, especially after her ex, Lenny Hochstein, recently proposed to his mistress. But what is hard to understand is Lisa’s need to enhance her photos when she is already a hot mama. 

Lisa already has enhanced lips and breasts, but when she puts a filter on them, her features somehow get even larger. While the mother of two may feel like she needs to prove her youth or worth due to Lenny’s cheating, fans want Lisa to know she is perfect the way she is.

No amount of filtering will change any of these women; perhaps they are just covering insecurities. But if they were to stop using them once and for all, they could start to really embrace their true selves. Cause, let’s be honest, no fan wants to show up to a meet and greet thinking their favorite Bravo star has catfished them.