The Babies Of Below Deck

Hannah Ferrier
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

When Below Deck premiered in 2013, its success saw multiple spin-offs arise. Currently one decade later, dozens upon dozens of crew members have spent time on this series. Many of these former yachties now live land-based lives. Several of these also now have their own full-time primary charter guests living underneath their roofs.

Like their previous gig, these charter guests need constant feedings, drinks, and their items lovingly washed. The only tips they can typically provide, however, are smiles, hugs, and art projects lovingly curated by tiny, chubby hands. Babies, we’re speaking of babies. Here all of the babies that have been born following their parents’ time spent on Below Deck.

Hannah Ferrier – Ava Grace Roberts

Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Hannah Ferrier’s time as the long-standing chief stew on Below Deck Mediterranean was cut short in Season 5 due to the well-known “maritime law” storyline. Right before the episode of her firing aired, Hannah announced that she was expecting a child with her long-time boyfriend (now husband) Josh. Hannah’s child is the first (known) baby in the Below Deck franchise.

On October 26, 2020, Hannah welcomed her daughter Ava Grace into the world. “She is already a little menace that has captured our hearts forever,” Hannah jokingly penned in Ava’s birth announcement. As for Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah alleges that her former boss reached out to send a baby gift, but Hannah never replied with the asked-for address.

Dani Soares & Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux – Lilly Rose

Dani Soares/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht holds the title for the first baby created while the crew was still on charter. During Season 2, stew Dani Soares and deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux engaged in a romantic relationship that spanned most of their season. Shortly after they wrapped filming, Dani discovered she was pregnant.

For months, everyone wondered about the paternity of Dani’s baby, with a majority assuming that her on-air fling was the father. Dani went on to confirm the paternity of her child during the Season 2 reunion, but Jean-Luc still asked for a paternity test. Dani gave birth to their daughter Lilly Rose in May 2021, shortly after the reunion was taped.

In 2022, Jean-Luc confirmed what everyone already knew. He was Lilly’s father. Whether or not he’s ever attempted to meet his little girl, sadly, is unknown.

Tiffany Copeland – Amelia Rose Jones

Tiffany Copeland/Instagram

Tiffany Copeland appeared as a third stew on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1. Stating that this just wasn’t her thing, this would be Tiffany’s first and last time working as a stew on a yacht.

After departing the Ionian Princess, Tiffany went on to marry her long-time love, Evan Jones. On July 3, 2021, Tiffany gave birth to their precious daughter, Amelia Rose Jones.

Alli Dore – River George Thompson

Alli Dore/Instagram

Alli Dore appeared in Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. In August 2021, Alli and her boyfriend, Benny Thompson, welcomed a son, River George Thompson, into the world. The former third stew announced her son’s birth online, stating “He’s come a little prematurely but is doing better everyday. We are so proud of our strong little man.”

Now aged 2, Little River is thriving.

Jessica More – Charli Ella

Jessica More/Instagram

Jessica More appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 5 as Hannah’s third stew. The duo got on great, as did Jessica and deckhand Robert Westergaard. Though these two had a brief fling during their shared season, he is not the father of Jessica’s little girl. Who is, however, Jessica is keeping quiet, only stating that it is not a Below Deck alum.

On October 19, 2022, Jessica gave birth to her daughter, Charli Ella.

Anastasia Surmava – Arabella A. Higginson

Anastasia Surmava/Instagram

Anastasia Surmava was a third stew during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Following her time on-air, Anastasia traded in her epaulets for a land-based career. On July 12, 2022, she married her fiancé model named Will Higginson (well done, Anastasia). On March 13, 2023, Anastasia gave birth to their daughter, Arabella A. Higginson.

On labor and delivery, Anastasia penned, “Her birth was THE most difficult thing I have ever done…My body is healing with the love and support of my gorgeous husband, parents, and tribe of friends.”

Mathew Shea – Noah Marcel Shea

Mathew Shea

Chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 is now a father. Though his time on-air was fraught with frequent breakdowns and frustrations, his life post-filming appears to be much kinder. Matthew and Joanna “Joey” Adams welcomed their son, Noah Marcel Shea, into the world just this past March 2023.

Kate Chastain – Sullivan Cay

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Kate Chastain is the most recent Below Deck alum to welcome a child into her home. Like Jessica, she has kept coy on who the father is, though she has made it quite clear that it is not Chef Ben Robinson. Drat. Kate announced her son’s birth on May 5, 2023, writing, “Hard Launch: Sullivan Cay.”

Looking straight into the lens mere hours after his arrival, Little Sullivan already has his mothers strong selfie skills. Hopefully, we’ll see more of him on Kate and Captain Lee Rosbach‘s new spin-off series, Couch Talk.