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Brittany Cartwright’s Mom Worried About Bar Opening With Jax Taylor

Grab your Wet ‘n Wild because we’re about to talk about the legend, the icon, the enigma that is Sherri Cartwright. And if you know anything about Sherri, it would be disrespectful to have such a conversation without first applying an appropriate amount of Pink Frost.

Ms. Sherri is the mother of Jax Taylor’s wife, Brittany Cartwright. Sherri also might be Jax’s number-one fan. She remains one of the few females in the continental United States who is able to look beyond Jax’s flaws. In the past, when Jax would make mistakes, Sherri would be there to console Brit and provide substantial justification for Jax’s actions – with a little dash of country flavor.

But now that the Vanderpump Rules alum might be getting back into the restaurant biz, Sherri is wary of Jax returning to his old ways. She spoke about it on an episode of Jax and Brit’s podcast, When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany.

Sherri, Sherri quite contrary

Much to Jax’s delight, his mother-in-law has been shacking up with him and Brittany for a bit. While she’s in town, she popped up on their podcast. Jax has been super busy getting his new spot Jax’s Studio City ready before college football season. Unfortunately, Sherri isn’t sure she’s cheering for the home team. Yet.

“[Jax] told me in the years past that opening a bar, get a divorce. So I was not happy with it,” Sherri admitted. Naturally, Jax’s past words are coming back to haunt him, but this is 2023 Jax. He’s totally changed! Right?

However, Jax is no dummy, he’s been laying the groundwork for a minute. He’s already reassured the masses by saying he won’t “be married to it.” He’s also been super vocal about Brittany’s heavy involvement in the project.

That said, Jax agreed that bar and restaurant owners often suffer from unhappy marriages as a result of the time away. Brittany said, “See, that’s why she’s [Sherri’s] terrified.” Jaxy quickly explained how he doesn’t believe his family will be impacted by the new business. This is because it’s “a family affair.” Altogether now – sure, Jan!

Britt wanted to know if the convo settled Sherri’s nerves on the situation. “A little. Maybe I’m going to keep very close tabs on Jax to see how he’s doing with this process,” she responded.

Good luck Jax, may the odds ever be in your favor.