Amber Marchese
(Photo by Nomi Ellenson/Getty Images)

Amber Marchese Claims RHONJ Production Orchestrated Physical Attack Against Her

Season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is the season that fans like to block out. It introduced us to Melissa Gorga’s former friend, Amber Marchese. And her wannabe housewife husband, Jim Marchese. The cast included twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, as well as Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo.

Jim is best known for being a dumpster of a human being. In 2018, this man allegedly disowned his son from a previous marriage for being gay. And he refused to help pay for his son’s college education. I have no words.

During Season 6 of RHONJ, Amber told Melissa that Nicole split up a family. So, Melissa informed Nicole about the rumor Amber was spreading. During a party for first responders, Nicole and Teresa confronted Amber. Drinks were tossed. And Amber lost a chunk of her hair.

It’s all production’s fault

Amber was a guest on the AllAboutTRH podcast, and she pushed the RHONJ production team under the bus. “You know, that’s one thing I regret. I should have [gone] forward with the lawsuit [against Bravo]. I told Jim not to do it, and Jim was like, ‘You’re being stupid. We should absolutely do it.’ I was physically attacked,” Amber stated. “And the circumstance around that whole thing, how they did it, they, they forced me down there.”

She continued, “They physically took my keys and were not allowed us to leave. They knew I was gonna be physically attacked because we had one security guard that was friends with us whisper in my ear. ‘Go. Just be careful when you get down there. I got your back,’” Amber explained. Meanwhile, Amber believed that they were just filming scenes at the party.

“It’s very ugly. Production was ugly. The cast was ugly,” she stated. “Don’t give them a pass. They’re briefed on everything,” Amber stated. “Don’t give them a pass. They are just as culpable as production.”

Finally, this one-and-done housewife came for Melissa. Amber said, “She told me that if I f*ck with her, she’s gonna ruin me. She said it was her show.” She added, “She goes, ‘This is my show. And, um, you know, you’re lucky. You saw what happened to Jan [DeDolce]. I got her booted. I’ll get you booted, too.’” Are you sure you weren’t talking to Teresa?

Well, I’m so glad that Amber shared her side of this long-forgotten story.