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Report: Jim Marchese Refuses To Pay For Son’s College Because He’s Gay

When Jim Marchese is in the news, you know it isn’t good. This time it’s for a seriously heartbreaking reason. To catch everyone up, Jim’s wife, Amber Marchese was a one-season wonder. The couple was featured on Season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. They have two children together, Corbin and Isabella. Jim also has two teenage sons from a prior marriage, named Michael and Sebastian.

During his short stint on RHONJ, Jim proved himself to be a human garbage pile. He earned that name for repeatedly yelling disgusting things in every woman’s face on the show. He even justified this behavior on Watch What Happens Live back in 2014. On WWHL, he told Andy Cohen that he was actually the only “non-sexist in the group because I treat everyone equally.” Jim congrats, you can teach Misogyny 101. He also spent Season 6 spreading rumors about people’s marriages and wined like a child every time he was on camera. Since RHONJ, Jim passes the time typing homophobic remarks on Twitter. Apparently, it wouldn’t be Pride Month if there wasn’t some ignoramus ruining the celebration.

Jim has reportedly disowned his son Michael for being gay. He is also allegedly refusing to help his son pay for college because of his sexuality. After getting a tip from a reader and conducting some detective work, The Good Tea Time reported that Michael has made a Go Fund Me for his first year of college tuition. On his Go Fund Me, Michael, uses an alias, “James M,” to protect his parents’ identity.

There he shared: “At the beginning of 2018, my father ‘found out’ I was gay. This began two weeks of mental abuse that led to me being removed from his home when I told my Mom (her and my father are divorced) and went to court with her. Since this time, my father has been slowly cutting ties with me until I ‘live according to his standards.’”

Michael continued, writing, “essentially, this meant – and still means – that I have to be “straight” and date women while ‘admitting’ that I chose to be gay so that I could get something out of it from my mother. With this, my father has refused to help in paying for any schooling because he believes I have to live in his home and follow his preferred life-style to be good enough to receive any financial assistance with school.”

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Sadly, this sounds completely on brand for Jim. The rest of the Go Fund Me page is just as heartbreaking. He sounds like a really dedicated, hard-working student. Michael laid out some of his incredible accomplishments thus far. One includes working on a “student panel that talked about the importance of having an inclusive classroom for LGBT+ students.”

He hopes to continue his education at Fairfield University and use his experience in this panel to “expand upon” his “want/ability to help others who feel alone in the world.” Michael’s main goal is to get funding for tuition. He wants to use his time in higher-ed “to help other teenagers and students to feel safer being who they are so that they don’t have to feel like the whole world is against them.”

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I don’t want to mention his father’s name one more time. I sincerely hope that Michael gets the financial and emotional support he needs. I really hope he finds a supportive community in college, far from his dad and stepmother. If you’re interested, contribute here to his Go Fund Me. This story is truly sad. It is, unfortunately, another example of the hardships LGBTQ individuals face in life. This is also a reminder for why we celebrate Pride. To let everyone come out of the shadows and feel proud of who they are. Love to this bright young man.


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