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Dorit and PK Kemsley’s Marriage ‘Struggling’ While Filming RHOBH Season 13

Remember when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne said a little something at BravoCon that made Dorit Kemsley mad? Well, now it looks like there might be a good reason for Dorito to feel some type of way.

Picture it, New York, October 2022. Erika is asked who might have the next marriage to fail and she answered Dorit and PK Kemsley. She then faced the wrath of an angry Dorit who was aghast anyone could possibly predict the perfect union would be in peril.

But according to EJ, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky won’t be alone in using their marriage as a storyline this season. Dorit and PK have entered the chat of marital woes as Season 13 prepares to kick off.

Not Dorit and PK too!?!

I can’t remember the last time Dorit had a storyline, can you? Back in Season 9 Dorit was somewhat responsible for the show taking a serious dive. Thanks again, hashtag puppygate. Since that time, Dorit has loitered around in various stages of glam, but she doesn’t bring much to the table.

No more break-ins please, I think that has happened twice now – crime, what can you do … So let’s go ahead and utilize the marriage hiccup angle. EJ was on an episode of Two Ts in a Pod and chatted with Tamra Judge and John Mellencamp’s daughter about it.

Teddi brought up Erika’s BravoCon comments in light of this new information. EJ began, “It bothers me very much. You know why? Because I didn’t know they were having problems.” She added, “I was being in the moment and if you look back, you hear me say, ‘I don’t want to answer his question.’ … I knew she took it bad and I texted her and there was no response.”

Tammy Sue quipped, “If it’s not true, laugh it off,’” and Erika replied, “I know, but it was! That was the problem. And I didn’t know. But then she told me.” Erika might not have known, but the entire internet felt like something was afoot between Mauricio and Dorit for a hot minute.

“And Dorit also reveals some other things that happened to her post-home evasion that are pretty heavy. And I understand [now]. Had I known that, I would’ve never f—king said it. … It comes out that Kyle and Mauricio were struggling, Dorit and PK were [also] struggling in their marriages.”

Sounds like it will be the Real Unhappy Housewives of Beverly Hills this time around.

Season 13 of RHOBH is rumored to return on November 1, 2023, on Bravo.