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NeNe Leakes’ Back Rent Bills Come Knocking: Former RHOA Star Served Legal Papers

If I had one wish, it would probably be to completely erase everything NeNe Leakes said about Andy Cohen. Real Housewives of Atlanta misses her and needs her to come in and save our show from the South.

Alas, I have no genie in a bottle and it would probably be better to wish for world peace. NeNe did what she did and it’s highly unlikely we will ever see her on Bravo again. But a girl can dream. In the interim, NeNe is facing some issues with her old side hustle. Radar has the scoop about Swagg.

The process server showed up

Process servers have been busy with RHOA alums this week. First Kim Zolciak and now NeNe. Ladies, have a lunch. Get a show. Heal the nation with your antics! But first, they both have a few financial problems and NeNe’s boutique is coming back to haunt her.

A process server found NeNe and served her with some papers she probably didn’t like. She’s being sued over rent she allegedly never paid on the now-defunct Swagg Boutique.

NeNe was just living her life in her $1.8 million condo, which is about 4,045 square feet and is no shack with a white refrigerator. The server showed up and personally gifted NeNe with the legal docs.

Swagg’s landlord said NeNe signed a lease for the property back in 2017 and in 2021 she had it extended by an additional year. According to the landlord, NeNe was out of the store by January 2022 but neglected to pay the outstanding balance of an impressive $22,900. NeNe was allegedly advised of the money owed but still never submitted funds for payment. She does have that condo though!

In 2020, NeNe closed several Swagg locations on a temporary basis because of the pandemic. She later opened the doors again to offer “going out of business” sales at the stores.

And this is where NeNe falls from grace, basically. When providing a response to the lawsuit, NeNe told The Jasmine Brand, “Gregg [Leakes] signed the lease not me! He ain’t here.” Ma’am, the optics of that statement are … unfavorable. Gregg passed away after a difficult battle with colon cancer in September 2021.

NeNe has yet to officially respond to the suit in court.