Real Housewives Who Got Caught Telling Huge Lies

Phaedra Parks
(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for WE tv )

Bravo‘s Real Housewives series is a toxic mess. As drama helps to secure each cast members spot on the next season, the lying, fighting, and backstabbing seen is always high. While reality television lovers enjoy watching certain levels of pettiness, I think that they can all agree on one fact. Sometimes, these women go too far.

Stupidly, it appears that many of these cast members forget who they are dealing with when they initiate allegations of false proportions. Stars like Sutton Stacke and Meghan King could easily trade in their platforms to start new ventures as detectives. In addition to the Real Housewives investigative skills, entire production teams surround each series. This means that many lies of the lies told have either been caught on film or even via audio, as each personality adorns a mic pack while filming.

That said, certain lies have been impossible to prove. For example, we may never know just how involved Vicki Gunvalson was with Brooks Ayers cancer scheme. He’s for a sure liar, but as for Vicki, she remains adamant that she was unaware of his lies.

Either way, it’s always frustrating as a viewer to watch the backstabbing and lies taking place. In comparison, there’s a certain high that is felt when these tainted walls come tumbling down. When this happens, the personalities within have to fess up to their wrongdoings. On that note, these are the Real Housewives who have been busted for their lies.

Phaedra Parks

The ThrowBack Queen/YouTube

“The lies, the lies, the lies!” During the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion, Phaedra Parks, a once close friend of Kandi Burruss, was exposed as being the source of a vicious lie. In this lie, Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, were accused of conspiring to drug and rape Porsha Williams. Clearly concerned for her safety, Porsha brought this allegation right to Kandi, who vehemently denied these serious claims.

When placed in the hot seat during part 4 of the reunion, Phaedra’s lies quickly unraveled. First, Kandi and Todd faced off with Porsha on this claim. Porsha then passed the baton to Phaedra, saying that she was going to let the one who she heard this rumor from be the one to speak. On this, Phaedra repeated that she had just passed on what she heard.

This is where the wheels fell off of the wagon. Porsha angrily turned to Phaedra, stressing “no, she (Kandi) said it to you, you told me she said it to you!” Insert Kandi’s famous “the lies, the lies, the lies,” line, which she yelled in Phaedra’s direction. Realizing that she had been used as a pawn in Phaedra’s dirty dealings, Porsha covered her face and cried.

This fictional narrative went beyond frivolous entertainment. We are therefore thankful that this lie was called out.

Lisa Rinna


Little Ms. “OWN IT” Lisa Rinna actually did just this on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7, just not at first. During this season, Kim Richards was sober. Regardless, Lisa decided to lie to their co-star, Eden Sassoon, claiming that Kim was drinking again and was “close to death.” When Kim first confronted Lisa, Lisa lied, denying that she had ever spoken those words.

At the end of the season, however, Lisa likely knew that her lies would be exposed by production, so she finally fessed up. She then got reamed at the reunion, which we low-key loved. This was a gross lie, and we are glad that Kim was able to clear her name.

That said, there are still several other lies that we are out here still waiting for Lisa to clear up. You know, Elton John tickets, Kathy Hilton‘s meltdown, Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy, ok, you get the point.

Jen Shah


Jen Shah‘s lies stretched out for two entire seasons on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. While owning her own company, Jen’s business was accused of running a nationwide fraud scheme, which mainly pried on the elderly. Jen was firm on these claims being false, even when she was arrested on-air during Season 2.

However, Jen later changed her plea to guilty, shocking her cast and fans alike. Lies don’t typically win in federal court, so coming clean, and thereby cutting her time served, was in her best interest.

Teresa Giudice


During the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10, Teresa Giudice lied about her involvement in Margaret Josephs’ hair being pulled by Danielle Staub. However, Danielle sold Teresa out in the finale episode, revealing that Teresa had actually egged her on. When Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, let Teresa know that Danielle had confessed to this, Teresa looked like a deer caught in very large, very blinding headlights.

Unable to think quickly on how to salvage her lie, Teresa instead broke the fourth wall. She was then seen flipping off the cameras, knowing they’d show this footage, and then running away. Lying plus cameras equals busted. Every time.