Kandi Burruss at RHOA reunion

Kandi Burruss Was “Shocked, Angered, & Disgusted” By Phaedra Parks For The Rape & Drugging Accusations

After a whole season of Porsha Williams claiming that “someone” told her that Kandi Burruss wanted to drug and rape her, I (and many other viewers) just assumed that she was making all of that up to get some screen time and bring down Kandi. Needless to say, I was shocked when Porsha outed her “best friend” Phaedra Parks as the one who started that rumor during part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Am I surprised that Phaedra did this? No. Not at all, especially at this point, but I am surprised that Porsha didn’t take the fall for Phaedra like she always does. Porsha didn’t out Phaedra for starting those rumors about Kandi and Shamea Morton having an affair, so I really couldn’t believe it when she revealed that Phaedra did this. My jaw dropped. Part four of the reunion cannot be here soon enough.


This has been a terrible year for Kandi, so I cannot imagine how she feels reliving it through the episodes and then discussing everything that went down during the reunion. I also have no idea how Porsha and Phaedra don’t have one modicum of remorse, but I don’t think I’ll ever gain any clarity on that one. Phaedra doesn’t seem to think that any of her blatant contradictions warrant an explanation.

Kandi opened up about the reunion in her Bravo blog. Just like the rest of us, Kandi was not surprised that Shamea and Phaedra argued at the reunion. Kandi said, “They don’t like each other. Never have. They just tolerated each other for Porsha’s sake.”

Shamea completely owned Phaedra with the shade throwing. I couldn’t stop laughing when she told her to stop getting plastic surgeries via Groupon. She should hold up a peach next season.

Porsha was the worst friend ever to Shamea so I wasn’t buying her forced apology at the reunion – at all – and neither was Kandi. When asked if she thought Porsha was sincere, Kandi admitted, “Not really, but it doesn’t really matter what I think. That’s their friendship. It’s for them to work out.” I have no idea why Shamea would ever want to be friends with Porsha – in general and after all that she put her through this past year.

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Still, the craziest part of the reunion so far was when Porsha said that it was Phaedra who initially accused Kandi was attempted rape and drugging. I don’t blame Kandi for saying, “I was shocked, angry, disgusted… I could go on. Even with everything that had happened between me and Phaedra, I still didn’t think Phaedra would go so low as to tell someone that I wanted to drug them.”

That was horrible behavior… even for Phaedra.

Kandi also brought up a pretty valid point: “Being an attorney, you would think she wouldn’t intentionally spread defamatory false statements about someone.” She added, “The sad thing was that she didn’t even seem sorry for what she had done. I was thinking, ‘Damn, was there a reason to hate me this much?” I can think of two reasons: screen time and to deflect from her own troubles.

Kandi went on to say, “She already assisted Johnnie in helping him to meet an attorney to sue me, and now I find out she was spreading accusations that I want to drug people and take them home! This is too much. I’m so glad the truth finally came out and I’m glad to be able to move on from this. Thank you to everyone who remained #TeamKandi, especially when others were believing the lies!”

Phaedra better open her mouth during part four. She’s basically said nothing for the first three episodes and she has a lot of explaining to do.


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