Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Addresses Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit; Said He “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”

Oh my. Things are getting interesting for the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Nothing To See Here! The drama is unfolding in many legal layers for several of our cast members. Kyle Richards’ hubby, Mauricio Umansky, is currently embroiled in a nasty little suit. He is avoiding rejecting fraud accusations over the sale of a $32 million shack in Malibu. As an extra bonus, certain RHOBH ladies could be called in to testify about this property. Thanks to a filmed Great Gatsby party where they were in attendance. Even Lisa Vanderpump may have to show up. #goodbykyle

We haven’t heard much from the very busy Kyle regarding the massive financial suit her husband is facing. And although Mauricio has denied all wrong-doing, a judge felt there was enough evidence to proceed. Now Mauricio speaks on the case(s) against him, and you might be surprised at what he has to say.

Mauricio is finally addressing the extremely messy lawsuit he, and The Agency, are dealing with. I think we are up to four current battles against Mo, regarding the mansion in question. Despite the fraud accusations and accompanying legal drama, RadarOnline reports Mauricio would do nothing different. Mauricio stated, “One day my side will be told and I am very confident we will be vindicated.”

Seems like a standard, run-of-the-mill response to me. This isn’t exactly rocket science, either he scammed people or he didn’t. Mo continued, “There are two sides to every story. Mine has yet to be told. It’ll be told soon. It’s not affecting our daily business, it’s not affecting our operations.”

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You might have also heard the streets talking about unconfirmed reports some real estate agents at The Agency are jumping ship. But Mauricio says that’s a big negative. “It is not affecting anybody at The Agency. I don’t know one agent who has left The Agency over that lawsuit.” Sure, Jan. Mauricio basically said if the agents aren’t producing, they are out of a job. “We switch out non-producing agents for producing agents. So if you didn’t perform, you didn’t have a chance to be at The Agency.” But if you do alleged shady business deals, it’s all good!

Don’t worry about Mauricio though. If The Agency happens to suffer at the hands of the lawsuits, maybe he could go back to work for Rick Hilton! Apparently, the tragic family fallout that resulted from Mauricio leaving Rick’s real estate company has ended. We can all sleep at night! Mo shared, “[Rick and I] good. We’ve made up, we’re family. We were definitely in a fight for a while. And it was real. But the families have made up and it was fantastic.” So glad The Families have made up. Maybe Mauricio found a horse head in his bed.

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Mauricio continued, “We’ve been good for solidly over a year. At the end of the day, time heals everything. Eventually when you put family together for different events — Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday party — time eventually heals it. And I think that’s what happened with us. And thank God,” he said. Yeah, but what about stealing Kim Richards’ goddamn house? Will we ever know the truth?

While reflecting, Mauricio said, “If I had to do it again in hindsight, I would do it the same way I did it last time. I wouldn’t change a thing.” Huh? Come again? Mauricio has been charged with, “shocking misconduct” and “egregious breaches of duty and other despicable conduct”, but he wouldn’t change a thing? Is everyone in Encino taking a ride on the delusion train?

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Well, there you have it. Mauricio is clearly innocent because he wouldn’t change a thing. In the far corners of my mind, Kyle’s profound words haunt me. “In Beverly Hills, the truth always has a way of rising to the top.” We’ll see you there!


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