Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 14 Recap: Viva La Tres Amigas

Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson
(Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

It was all about HD, Heather Dubrow that is, on the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather celebrated the launch of her network on the Fireside app with a black-tie event. However, the cast couldn’t get over the HD branding and giant cloches covering a single chip with caviar. A drunken Emily Simpson complained the logo was declasse while a cucumber slice dangled from her mouth. I doubt the same feelings would have been said at a Louis Vuitton party. 

The ladies then decided it was time for a getaway and popped over to Mexico. Over dinner, Tamra Judge was the first one to confront Heather about why she kept the $55 million dollar sale of her home a secret. Emily joined in and battled with Heather over her behavior at the party and the comments that Heather had made. Emily informed the group Heather said Shannon Beador said terrible things about everyone at BravoCon. Heather denied it, and Emily called her a liar and a pretentious, self-centered, jerk. And they hadn’t even gotten to the flan yet!

Shannon opened her vault 

Heather had enough of the drama and decided to leave the table. Tamra ran after her to finish what she started. She offered to have Heather stay in her room, but Heather noted Shannon didn’t like her either. Heather felt like she was held to a double standard. If they didn’t like her, that was their problem. She was over it. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Pedranti asked Shannon what the heck was in her vault. Shannon said it was normal relationship stuff with her boyfriend John Janssen. You know, one minute he’s spending time with her, and then the next minute he’d do anything to get away from her. No red flags at all, totally normal. Gina Kirschenheiter thought it was too little too late, but most of the group appreciated it. Jenn then brought up that she heard Shannon say there was juicy info on her relationship with Ryan Boyajian. Shannon admitted she heard there was more than meets the eye but that was all she knew. 

Tamra had the keys to that vault, however. In her confessional, Tamra said the woman Ryan had an affair with sent her a bunch of Ryan’s text messages. This was to retaliate against him after they had a fight in Nobu. At this point, we can say that Nobu is no longer a classy establishment. Tamra wanted to protect Jenn but shared that Jenn knew this information and was playing dumb. For now, no more info was spilled. Heather came back to the table and handed out gifts. The group was off to bed and hoped tomorrow would bring a fresh start. 

Jennifer Coolidge makes an appearance 

The next day both Jenn and Heather got pep talks from their partners. Ryan was informed there was no confrontation with Tamra yet, and Terry Dubrow told Heather to forget the drama and have fun. Heather did just that and wiped the slate clean with Emily and Gina. Emily apologized for the tenth time but admitted in her confessional she’d probably do it again. Meanwhile, Tamra told Taylor Armstrong and Shannon she felt bad for Heather. Shannon shut it down and said Heather shouldn’t have been talking about John. Time to let the mouse go!

It was adventure time as the group headed off to ride ATVs and jump thirty-six feet into the water. Shannon got competitive and tried to run everyone off the road in her ATV. Heather held on for dear life and couldn’t wait till it was over. Gina likened Shannon to Jennifer Coolidge on a Vespa in White Lotus. They landed at the water hole and only Emily was brave enough to do the big jump. She survived but got the wind knocked out of her and a bloody nose. That convinced the rest of the group to do the kiddie jump off the zipline. Gina continued her quest to get over her fear of water and was brave enough to jump in too.

Time to whoop it up!

The ladies were all getting ready to head out for the evening. Shannon wondered if her daughter’s purse cheapened her look. Tamra said at least it wasn’t fake like Jenn’s purse. She was suspicious of how a yoga mom was suddenly dripped in designer duds. Tamra assumed Jenn wore, “Fanel, Fundi, and Fucci.” What was real however was the surprise appearance of Vicki Gunvalson. You can’t have a trip to Mexico without the Tres Amigas! The ladies did their dance and tequila shots, and the night was on!

The rest of the group noticed an extra chair at the restaurant and wondered who could it be. Vicki showed up screaming arm-in-arm with Tamra and Shannon. She did not receive the warm welcome she got earlier, but Vicki didn’t seem to notice. Gina and Emily weren’t fond of the fact that Vicki talked about them in the press. However, Gina decided to whoop it up with the “tres abuelas” anyway. And the Heather and Emily feud continued. Emily’s hair was a bit frizzy from the humidity and Heather told Emily she looked like Snuffleupagus. Emily wasn’t thrilled with being called a big, furry, muppet, but she pushed that to the side.

After a private Cirque du Soleil show, the group headed back to their rooms for a game of Truth or Dare. Everyone warmed up with shots first, ensuring the game would probably go off the rails. Taylor was dared to lick both Emily’s nipples this time. Vicki was next and said she would do Truth. Jenn told her to have someone else ask her a question because she didn’t know her as well. Vicki felt otherwise and told Jenn that she too had been in a relationship with a man she knew wasn’t right for her. Everyone was in shock. Time for some more tequila!


Jenn was confused. Was Vicki talking about herself or her relationship with Ryan? Vicki wasn’t sure either as she had never heard of Ryan. Jenn deducted that Vicki must have heard information from Tamra. But that confrontation would be saved for later. Vicki did one last whoop it up with some shots and almost set the hotel on fire. All in all a good evening. 

Everyone barely rolled out of bed the next morning. But they made it into their ab-printed swimsuits for their water aerobics class. Taylor told the group Shannon didn’t want to wear a swimsuit so she wasn’t sure she was going to come. Shannon admitted when she’s not happy it shows on her body. Still, she showed up like a champ and the ladies were ready to make a splash. 

Afterward, they all went to the bar for post-workout mimosas. Tamra stirred the pot and mentioned the Snuffleupagus comment. Heather said it was meant to be endearing. Emily said it could have been misconstrued, but she wasn’t taking it negatively. Just like Heather shouldn’t take her dolphin trainer comment negatively. Heather agreed to move on. Both Emily and Heather said they were held to a double standard in their confessionals. I don’t see this feud ending anytime soon.

Tamra vs. Jenn… again and again

Over breakfast, the group couldn’t get over a basket of mini sausages. Tamra took a picture and shouted, now that’s a d*ck pic! Which of course led Gina to ask Jenn why she wasn’t bothered by Vicki’s comments about Ryan. Jenn wanted to know where that information came from. And just like in a murder mystery, Tamra stepped forward and shouted she was the culprit! She revealed to Vicki the information was from Alex, the girl Ryan slept with. Jenn said Alex had reached out to her and said Tamra was digging for information. Tamra denied it which angered Jenn more. She yelled at Tamra that she was using her relationship to make herself relevant. Shots fired!

Jenn then asked Tamra to spill what she knew. Tamra mentioned that Ryan had been sleeping with Alex for a year and had sent her a text message that he wanted to hook up with her while he was at a concert with Jenn. Jenn corrected her and said Ryan only slept with her one time and she already knew about the text message. Tamra was shocked Jenn never showed any emotion. Jenn admitted it was because it was easier. Tamra said she should have learned her lesson by calling out Vicki in the past but she was always honest and right.

The rest of the group tried to get Tamra to let it go. It was Jenn’s decision on who to date. As Heather said, we get it, Ryan may or may not be a gigolo. He also has questionable taste in fashion. Tamra kept going and told Jenn she ruined her family for a player. That was one step too far for Jenn, so she walked off with Taylor to cool down. Jenn noted that’s not how a friend acts. But it is if you are friends with Tamra.

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