Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 7 Recap: Oh Nobu You Didn’t

Real Housewives of Orange County recap
(Photo by: Casey Durkin/Braavo via Getty Images)

The cast trip to Montana concluded on the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Some friendships were newly forged in the campfire flames, and some were burned. Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge finally became besties once again. Then there’s Heather Dubrow, who burnt bridges with half the cast. 

Heather let Shannon and Tamra know she felt like the odd man out in their friendship when they denied her access to a flat iron. She also had her IMDb feud with Taylor Armstrong, and she told Gina Kirschenheiter to stop talking about her issues with her ex to boyfriend Travis Mullen.

Jennifer Pedranti confronted boyfriend Ryan Boyajian about his supposed lust for Tamra which was denied. Meanwhile, Emily Simpson chilled in the OC with some tacos. Sometimes missing a cast trip isn’t a bad thing. 

The condescending queen 

Shannon and her dog Archie met up with her boyfriend John Janssen for dinner at his place on the water. According to Shannon, John had only cooked for her one time before, and this was special occasion number two. Shannon wondered if they would take the next step and move in together once her kids left for college, but John never seemed to press the issue. She also worried about her daughter rushing into marriage with her boyfriend and ignoring red flags. All the while Shannon ignored the red flags John gave off when he said she stressed him out and they don’t have any fun. Run, Shannon!

Tamra and Emily met up for a pedicure to catch up on the trip. Tamra dished that Heather had to shovel sh*t and made a remark that she now had an appreciation for people who do that. Emily snarked that sounded condescending. And that was the cue for Heather to arrive. Did someone say, condescending? Emily immediately stirred the pot and asked Heather about Taylor. Heather huffed Taylor called her condescending and thought she was too good to be in her movie. 

Before Emily could finish her sentence that Heather said hurtful things, Heather jumped on her and said she was very busy monitoring the help packing her children up for college, and Taylor should have appreciated her being there. It was like a comedy routine when Tamra chirped that this sounded condescending. Heather realized she couldn’t win this battle and switched topics to her upcoming dinner party at Nobu. Let’s just hope she doesn’t throw out thirty grand in sushi this time!

Gina and Jenn are friends?

Gina met Jenn over at her yoga studio and gifted her with a candle to cover up the scent of infidelity. She said she felt bad about her reaction to Jenn’s situation and admitted it forced her to process feelings about her divorce. Jenn appreciated the apology. She said it made them stronger, just as it did for her and Tamra. Gina was surprised that Jenn and Tamra were in a good place because Tamra would gossip about Jenn’s relationship to anyone who would listen. Jenn took it in stride and said Tamra would talk to her first from now on. Gina didn’t buy it, but at least she and Jenn were headed in the right direction. 

And speaking of processing feelings, Emily was still trying to process her feeling towards her mother. She had a tough childhood taking care of herself and wanted to learn to let that anger go. It had been a while since her mother had visited, so she got the ok from her husband Shane Simpson and put out the invite to her mom. Hopefully her visit will help Emily move one step closer to putting her issues to rest. 

One passive aggressive apology coming right up!

It was time for a little frugal shopping as Shannon took her daughters to a store to check out off-gassed gently used designer duds that cost thousands of dollars. Shannon needed to save her pennies for the seventy-five thousand dollar a year college her twins expected to go to. She argued with her twins that they need a college counselor to help them get into those pricey schools because no scholarships were coming their way. Here’s a crazy idea, maybe the girls could get a job to help pay for it? Naw.

Heather couldn’t figure out how to teeter down the dock in her heels so she snapped for help to be escorted into her Barbie pink boat which would usher the group over to Nobu. Taylor arrived first and thanked her for inviting her. Heather passive aggressively apologized to Taylor when she said “for some reason I hurt your feelings.” Taylor kept a smile plastered on her face and apologized for her part too. In Heather’s confessional the producer asked her if she really was sorry and Heather pivoted it over to Taylor. Sorry, not sorry. The rest of the ladies arrived along with Taylor’s acting coach Lauren Lim Jackson, who no doubt will instruct the women to eat sushi like they are giving a BJ

Nobu napkin toss

At an empty Nobu restaurant, Heather pulled a Mia Thornton and shouted, “Hi fam!” to the staff who barely acknowledged her. A lovely table was set up for the ladies with gifts of Tom Ford candles and silver chopsticks. Unfortunately, Heather took it one step too far and monogrammed “too fabulous to shovel sh*t” in Japanese on their gift. Emily surmised that Heather is the only person she knows who is more unaware of being unaware. 

Again, Emily got right to stirring the miso soup and asked what she missed on the Montana trip. Gina admitted she was triggered by Jenn but they’ve talked and all was good between them. Tamra wasn’t happy with the kumbaya and brought up Ryan’s d*ck pic. Emily asked Jenn if she saw any red flags, and Jenn turned into the dog drinking coffee gif as fire burned around her and said everything was fine. Tamra waved her finger and said Jenn and Ryan were having troubles and he did cheat on her. Jenn blamed Tamra for gossiping but Tamra said the whole town already knew about it. Emily backed her up with an amen. 

Tamra threw more fuel to the fire when she shared that her husband Eddie Judge was told at Ryan’s party to watch out because Ryan goes after married women. Jenn told Tamra to watch it, which did not go over well. Jenn decided to whip out the ace up her sleeve and implied that Tamra had the hots for Ryan. Tamra reacted mildly (for her), and threw a napkin in Jenn’s face before storming off. Why waste a good glass of tequila?

They made it to the wagyu!

Shannon resumed her best friend duties and chased after Tamra while the rest of the table processed what just happened. Tamra told Shannon that Ryan was a player and she was a good friend for warning Jenn. Shannon felt sympathy for Jenn and put herself in Jenn’s shoes. She wouldn’t want the girls coming at her saying that John was a terrible person. That would be saved for later. Shannon added, “Jenn may be an idiot, but let her figure that out on her own.” Tamra decided she didn’t want to leave the party after all and they wandered back inside for shots at the bar. 

Jenn explained that Tamra had joked about taking one for the team and hooking up with Ryan at that party. She wondered if Tamra was joking about it before, why was she bringing all of this information up now. Emily wanted to know how many napkins it would take for Jenn to wake up and realize Tamra didn’t have her back. Tamra and Shannon arrived at the table just in time to eat their spicy tuna crispy rice. 

The conversation was now on Heather and how she was not a good friend to Gina. Gina brought up Heather siding with Tamra in the IMDb feud, her comments about Travis, and comparing her real estate license to her son. Heather was calm through it all and gave a sincere apology. Then a bomb dropped that David Beador had filed for divorce. Shannon choked up but kept it together. It was time to celebrate, the group made it to their wagyu dinner course and no sushi was tossed!

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